You Can Do It, the flagship offering from Delmer's Deals, is a Do It Yourself (DIY) book geared towards women. The unique aspect of the book is that two men wrote the book but then had their friend who is a woman rewrite it so that it would be a woman to woman. It guides women through home repairs that do not require special tools or many hours of work. Other topics covered are how to negotiate with a contractor, car mechanic and car salesman among many others. The primary focus of the book is to save money for the woman who reads it. It does this by doing it yourself rather than hiring someone to do if for you or if you have to hire someone you will not get taken advantage of. Until now, it has been only available in the local area but it is now available nationwide.

Delmer's Deals is a Pittsburgh based company. It is owned by William Delmer and Patrick Laird. For the book, they used their over 20 years combined experience in contracting and construction trades. They have found that women who have used their book have saved money from feedback they have received. One woman related how during a inspection inspection the station charged to charge her seven hundred dollars in unnecessary work. Another woman had a plumbing leak under her sink, the plumber tried to over charge her by two hundred dollars. These are just two examples of how valuable this book is.

Source by Bill Delmer