Many people are in search for that extra dollar to take care of monetary problems. Here are 10 ways one can make money fast and legal but they do require work.

1. Offer your services for a fee for cleaning out apartments after tenants move out or cleaning up behind contractors that have recently built a new structure.

2. Do not have anything for a garage sale, why not have a bake sale. If you are a great baker, make up a bunch of cookies, rolls, cupcakes, or whatnot, and take them around to local business and ask if you can offer them to employees during their breaks. Make the price reasonable so you can establish a good steady side business.

3. Deliver news or check with local business to see if they have flyers or advertisments that they want delivered.

4. Go to car dealerships and offer your driving services to deliver or pick up vehicles for them. Just make sure you have a good driving record, a license and are insured first.

5. Take a dog for a walk. You can place ads in your local newspaper or storefronts offering a dog walking service; just do not forget the poop scooper.

6. Can you cook? If you have skills in the kitchen you can offer personal chef services. Advertise in your local paper or storefronts. You can add a slant to it by offering to cook and set up romantic diners for two in their home, you prepared the food, set the table and collect fast money.

7. Help others get organized and de-cluttered in their homes and garages for a quick money making idea. Charge by the hour, make it reasonable, and make money.

8. Become the next human guinea pig. Participate in research studies for money. Anywhere there is a University or a Medical School you are bound to find paying research studies going on.

9. House or Pet sit. People are always coming and going, advertise your services by tending to the needs of their family pet, plants, or other animals needs or even sit their house while tenants are away on vacation or business trips.

10. Detail cars. This is a simple one to get into if you live in town on a busy road. You would only need to place a large enough sign in your yard so that people driving by could easily see that you are offering car detailing services and what your are charging for these services. Call around to local car detail establishments, get their going rates, beat them, and make sure you do a spotless job to secure the returning customer and you will receive great word of mouth advertisement from your customers.

This is just 10 ways one could make some extra money fast. I am sure if you use your imagination you can come up with 20 more.

Source by Jane L Benitez