Although there are thousands of ways to make money with eBooks, I have compiled a short list of 10 different ways to help you succeed.

1. Give away a free eBook (report) and then give people an option of buying the paid version of the eBook. Also let others give away / sell the free / low priced version of your eBook.

This will place your free version in the hands of a lot of potential customers, plus webmasters love to give their visitors free stuff any chance they get.

2. Divide your eBook content into reports or newsletters then give people the option of just purchasing the info that they want or offer the 'complete package' in the form of an eBook.

You can easily come up with three "basic", "deluxe" and "Gold" packages of your eBook.

3. Purchase reprint rights to other people's eBooks and combine them with your eBooks in a large package deal or private eBook library web site.

Membership sites for eBooks are hot online.

4. Offer freebies that are related to the eBook your selling. It could be free eBook updates or upgrades, free e-zines, free consulting, free software, etc.

People love freebies and bonuses.

5. Show your prospects a sample page out of your eBook. Just black out some of the important info. This will make your prospects curious to buy.

This is a popular way to tease a potential customer to buy, or dare them to buy. This works well!

6. Provide a low and high priced version of your eBook. Show benefits of each version side by side. People usually spend a little more for extra info. Always grant resale rights to the low priced version to 'up-sell' the high priced version.

A good eBook with resale rights or a simple report can spread like a virus across the internet and promote your high ticket products.

7. Offer resale rights to your eBook. You can sell the rights with the regular purchase price or as a separate higher price. This gives your customer the opportunity to achieve their investment back.

This works the opposite way to number 6 (above) Think about it! How many times have you seen a product selling for $ 47.00 or $ 97.00 only to see the resale version being sold for $ 97.00 or $ 197.00 respectively. It's up to you which way you want to go but methods 6 and 7 can both be very effective.

8. Offer private label rights to your eBooks.

Private label rights eBooks that you have written yourself can sell for very high prices indeed, take a look at the WSO (warrior special offers) section of the Warrior Forum for some ideas. I know for a fact some people just write eBooks with the sole intent of offering private label rights.

9. Re-design your eBook for specific niches. You can create multiple profits with very little work.

EG: Turn a business eBook into an eBay business eBook.

10. Contact webmasters / eBay sellers offering similar products and see if they would like to JV or cross promote with you to achieve higher sales for both of you.

There are endless ways to increase your eBook sales. I have just gave you 10 ideas to expand your eBook business. Most of these ideas are so simple yet so effective.

Source by John Thornhill