With today's technology and resources, kids make money all the time by creating their own jobs.

It does not matter how young or old you are … whether 5, 10 or 17 … age can not hold you back anymore!

Even though I have heard of very successful lemonade stands, most are just a summertime fling …

Here are few ways for kids to make money that can be more permanent than that:

* If you love animals, your business could be offered pet sitting

* Open a dog walking service

* Create and sell your own line of pet trees

* Create a recipe book or eBook for pet trees

* Start a yard weeding business

* Start a water testing service

* Helping the elderly with regular housekeeping chores

* Write eBooks to sell online

* Affiliate programs …
Earn commissions selling your favorite stuff from video games to webkinz

* If you enjoy video games, science kits, or even webkinz, you could build a business around that.

* Make specialty sets of book marks to sell on and offline

* www.kidzeyes.com – (Must be 6 years old or older) Answer surveys they send. (This is not a business, but can be fun way to make some cashola on the side)

The main idea here is that if you love a thing or activity, daydream about it …
Your new business should be based on that!

Do not for a minute think you can not succeed – These are just a few ways that many kids make money around the globe; you are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to work for it!

Source by Christine Parsons