1K Daily Profit (1KDailyProfit.Site) has relaunched a new iteration of their previous scam launch. First released in February of 2016, the 1K Daily Profit trading system was a binary options trading software that relied heavily upon deceptive scam tactics to mislead day-traders out of their hard-earned money.

Employing fictitious user-testimonials coupled with misleading income guarantees, 1K Daily Profit was engineered to swindle money from unsuspecting investors new to the option and CFD industries. Gather the facts regarding this illicit scam operation and aid our WatchDog efforts by helping us eradicate this scam from existence once and for all!

What is 1K Daily Profit? 

1K Daily Profit portrays their operation as a legitimate option trading software when in reality it is nothing more than another investment scheme designed to get you to deposit with some of the most despicable brokerages available on the web.

Those who have the unfortunate experience of landing on their site will encounter a tacky promotional video that claims that you are only 1 out of 25 individuals who were lucky enough to get an invitation for their page.

As you will notice, the promotional video was poorly constructed and relied entirely upon a voice over, luxurious vehicles and houses along with the ideology that you can accrue no less than $1,000 per day.

As expected, no transparent evidence is disclosed regarding the past performance of the 1K Daily Profit system while no reference to the auto trading softwares functionality is shared.

Essentially, the con-artists behind this system are hoping that the promotional video and the false entitlement of riches will convince you enough that their system is legitimate.

Why has 1K Daily Profit Returned? 

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact explanation as to why the 1K Daily Profit software was relaunched but it was likely due to the fact that the scammers behind this operation thought that their original release laid dormant long enough.

As we will discuss shortly, the creators behind this system also incorporated new elements into the framework of their scam making it available in more demographics and even more dangerous.

These newly integrated additions along with the fact that con-artists tend to be greedy are the likely unethical reasons why the 1K Daily Profit scam has been relaunched again.

Who is Behind 1K Daily Profit? 

John Becker is the alleged founder behind 1K Daily Profits but it is evident that John Becker is nothing more than a figment of some twisted con-artists imagination. As you can see in the image below, “John Becker” is nothing more than a stock photo taken from an online image bank.

This discovery prompted us to dig further into the 1K Daily Profit in the hopes of unraveling some verifiable entity but unfortunately our efforts were unsuccessful. While the footer of their domain incorporates a Disclaimer, Terms, Privacy, Affiliate and Support link, when clicked upon they just redirect visitors to to the home page of the site.

In addition, a WHOIS report will indicate that their domain was privately registered which means we are left with zero identifying information.

Newly Integrated Elements 

As we briefly touched upon earlier, the 1K Daily Profit relaunch has been accompanied by a couple of new components. The addition of new demographics has enabled this scam system to reach a broader pool of potential victims while depending upon that investors active residence will dictate which campaign they will encounter.

An example would be if you visit 1K Daily Profit from a U.S. based IP. Instead of being directed to the 1K Daily Profit homepage you are actually redirected to a blog that supports a wide variety of questionable trading solutions.

The page you land on will request that you sign up and complete a deposit with the brokerage TradeFred, which according to our research is not a CFTC regulated brokerage. Soliciting investors who reside within the United States to deposit into their platform that is not CFTC regulated is illegal but obviously the creators behind this scam don’t mind as long as their pockets keep getting filled.

How to Combat this Scam 

The most effective way to combat this scam would be by sharing our review through social media outlets. Not only will this greatly reduce the victim toll created by this deceptive scam launch but will also catch governing authorities attention more effectively enabling them to shut down their scam operations for good.

1K Daily Profit Review Conclusion 

1K Daily Profit is nothing more than another deposit scheme created between independent scam marketers and unregulated investment brokerages. Claiming that investors can generate $1,000 per day is absolutely ridiculous and just goes to show the lengths that some scammers will go to in order to put them in a better position to mislead you out of your hard-earned money.

We encourage you to share this review so that other investors, who may possess less experience than you, may be spared from this misleading investment scheme. To learn about trading systems that have been verified as legitimate and provide consistent returns-on-investments visit our approved software page through the banner below!

Please provide any insight, experience or feedback you may possess by sharing a comment below.

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