Get a jump start on Black Friday 2010 with our buyer’s guide to the best deals and sales on electronics, computers and other gadgets.

Heading out to a shopping center on Black Friday in search of deals reminds us a lot of the guys on Deadliest Catch heading out into the Bering Sea in search of crab. You’re going to get cold. You’re going to get wet. And someone is probably going to yell at you. But if you play your cards right, it’s all worthwhile when you steer your ship into port with a hold full of King Crab. Or a new HDTV, laptop, and camera, as the case may be.

But you wouldn’t go crab fishing without a salty old sea captain to tell you where to drop your traps, and you shouldn’t head out to the mall without a little help, either.

That’s where we come in. Before you throw on a pot of coffee and settle down with an inch-thick stack of paper ads to sift out the good stuff, check out and check out our buyer’s guide to the top 10 best Black Friday bargains for this year’s best catches. From TVs and Blu-ray players to laptops and Xbox gaming consoles, these are the items worth testing your patience in turbulent mall parking lots, waiting on cold concrete sidewalks and shuffling through packed retailers in order to score.

Also, you can avoid the heavy bags on your shoulder, the will offer you a free shipping; they will mail the laptop to your home directly.

10″ Piano Baking Finish Netbook Intel Atom N270 Processor 2GB HDD 160GB

Worldwide Free Shipping

US$ 578.09 
US$ 433.57

Let’s be honest: The specs on this bare-bones machine won’t impress anyone unless you pop into a time machine and travel back to 2005, but compared to the netbooks you could typically buy for this price, you’ll see why it’s worth lining up for. You’ll get a Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz

Installed RAM: 2GB

Graphics: Intel 945GMS

Local Video Memory: 128MB

Display: 10″widescreen 

Screen Ratio: 16:9

HDD: 160GB

Battery: 3-cell Lithium Ion Battery

Ports: Multi-card slot /3xUSB 2.0 ports / DC/ LAN / VGA/ Safety lock

Audio: Microphone / Earphone

And hey, the full-sized keyboard won’t even cause your wrists to cramp up after.

Source by Sophia Brain