It is always great to celebrate your birthday with your friends and family especially if it’s some milestone birthday such as 18th, 21st, 30th or the 60th birthday. The 21st birthday represents an important phase of life and the entry into the adulthood. It signifies the right to be able to enjoy everything that has been denied to you for several years. It represents the freedom to legally drink and hang out with your friends at New York nightclubs and bars.  New York is the home to some of the most magnificent and world renowned hotels and restaurants that provide spectacular event spaces to throw your birthday parties.

Themed 21st birthday parties in New York are always very popular. Some of the most popular themes that can be employed at the 21st birthday party include the Hollywood theme, the casino theme, or the beach theme. Since 21st birthday represents the freedom to drink and booze legally, the alcohol related themes are always a massive hit among the youths.  Wild birthday themes are many. With just a little bit of imagination and innovation, you can always come up with some great 21st birthday theme parties. You may even browse through the internet or consult your friends and family for some unique and creative 21st birthday party themes.

Indulging in adventurous activities is always fun. Plan a trip with your friends on your 21st birthday with your friends to some adventure park and get the adrenaline pumped up. Try outdoor activities such as the big wave surfing, bungee jumping, quad biking, hover craft flying, or the racing cars. These fun filled and exciting activities are sure to make your birthday a most memorable one. Later visit some New York restaurants and enjoy some of the world’s finest cuisines and wine.

Night clubs and bars are also exciting places to celebrate your 21st birthday party. It is a great way of welcoming your adulthood. Here you can enjoy the night away with your friends and family enjoying drinks. Everybody likes to be pampered. Pamper yourself on your 21st birthday by doing things that you have always wanted to. Visit some spa and get the various pampering massages and spa treatment.

A wine tasting trip with your friends is always fun. Plan out a trip on your 21st birthday to some local winery and enjoy different types of wine.

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