Millions of people have a desire to make money online. However, very few of them are actually willing to do what it takes. Here are a few keys to help you start making money online in 2012.

Key #1 – Stop Making Excuses And Just Do It

Listen, no one is responsible for your success but you. And no one can stop you but you. So stop making excuses and just do it. The internet provides you with and unbelievable opportunity to create any financial future you want. But it takes work. It seems like people are afraid of a little work these days. But the only way you will make money online is if you are willing to put in the work. Start with the simple goal of getting that first sale. Once you get your first sale you can just rinse and repeat the process to make even more sales.

Key #2 – Pick One Method And Stick With It

Newbies are ofter drawn to every new method they come across. They buy any and every product that promises to show them how to make the big bucks online. While investing in a product is a smart way to get the ball rolling quickly, it is not a smart idea to buy every product you come across. Buy one product, read it and use the information it. If you do that you will be that much closer to making money online.

Don’t be blinding by all the hype and hoopla. You are not going to make a million dollars by tomorrow by clicking a few buttons. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. The best thing you can do is pick one money making method and stick with it until you are successful with it.

Key #3 – Be Persistent

People give up to easily these days. If you want to truly be successful and make money online you will have to be persistent. You can’t give up when there is a bump in the road. There will always be little set backs along the way. Your ability to get back up and keep going will determine how successful you will be.

As the saying goes, persistence always beats resistance. So stick with it. Be willing to go the extra mile. Understand that there is a price to pay to be successful. You have to make up in your mind that you are willing to pay that price no matter what. Once you make that decision you will be unstoppable.

Source by H. Miller