The 30 Day $30K Challenge, found at, is nothing more than another online trading scam. Founded by Joey Altair, the 30k Challenge appears to be a legitimate investing opportunity at first glance but let us warn you there is much more than what meets the eye with this scam. First and foremost would be how Joey Altair, the alleged founder of the $30k Challenge, is nothing more than a paid actor, along with their paid testimonial actors. To learn the facts about this ridiculous trading scam while learning about legitimate investment opportunities make sure to keep reading our brief scam review!

By the way, this 30 Day Challenge is one of the most popular binary options trading scams we’ve seen in a while, especially in Germany, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and Saudi Arabia!

Within the first couple of minutes we are hit with a relentless wave of paid actors providing their “experience” with the 30k Challenge software in the promotional video. To be honest, most of the acting is elementary at best but we suppose that is what you get when you use cheap online marketplaces to buy freelancing actors. Perhaps the most disturbing mystery we unraveled would be how Joey Altair is actually not the creator behind the 30k Challenge but instead a paid actor known as Ian Walker. As you can see for yourself in the image below, Ian Walker is willing to lie to you in front of the camera for as little as $5!

Joey Altair - 30K Challenge

Now, typically when we conduct an investigation an online trading scam is much less obvious than the 30k Challenge. Meaning they create elaborate start-up stories and claim a multitude of empty promises but we haven’t seen a scam has sloppy as the 30k Challenge in awhile! Not only is it evident that Joey Altair is phony but when you start listening to the testimonials provided about how users claim they made between $6,000 to $10,000 in a few days without the slightest convincing look, you know things aren’t matching up. Not to mention that it claims to date to have over 9,300+ winners when their website was only founded on April 13th, 2017.

30 Days Challenge

So over just two months time, the site has had 9,300+ winners for their trading challenge? Sound like BS to you? Yeah, we thought so too! Not to mention that trader testimonials on their site claim that traders are making between $30,000 to $50,000 per month with the 30k Challenge are just flat out lying. Not to mention that the use of stock images are being portrayed at you so that you are more likely to being convinced and open-minded about signing up with their software.

30 Days $30K Challenge

Don’t do it and don’t fall for their trick! Not only will your email address start receiving a ridiculous amount of spam email but also your personal and financial information is put at risk! We wish we could say this jokingly but we can’t, your email and personal information will more than likely be sold off to the highest bidder if you provide contact information to this site. So simply it is just best to avoid this scam and the scam.

Review Verdict: 30 Day $30k Challenge is a SCAM!

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