Do you need to make some extra money? Try some of these ideas. I realize some of them may be a bit on the extreme side but why not give them a try?

1. Help a group do a fundraiser and keep a few dollars of the purchase price for yourself. (This only works obviously if your product has a high enough mark up price.)

2. Create an e-book and sell it online.

3. Go to payperpost and any other paid to blog sites you can find and send a few hours writing on your blog for advertisers.

4. Sell some products at a flea market or trade show.

5. Work all weekend at your job.

6. Host a business conference and share your expertise with others.

7. Design a website for another company.

8. Sell all of your junk on eBay.

9. Sign up a few new people into your network marketing business.

10. Host a home party.

11. Do an online party.

12. Teach some web design lessons.

13. Teach some lessons in a foreign language.

14. If you have a blog with high enough traffic you can start an AdSense campaign or sell advertising on it.

15. Sell some affiliate products.

16. Host a webinar.

17. Create an irresistible offer and send it out to your newsletter or email list.

18. Create some kind of craft item and sell it at a bazaar or to your friends and family.

19. Do some one on one consulting with a business professional.

20. Ask all your friends and everyone you know for $ 5.00 (OK I'm partially joking but I could not resist including it here.)

21. Partner up with another business owner and help sell their products.

22. Work a temporary job all weekend.

23. Create a new piece of software and sell it.

24. Host a yard sale.

25. Teach someone how to use a computer.

26. Find someone who is trying to sell something and then offer to help them for a commission.

27. Find a large group who needs food for an event and let them pay you to cater the food for it.

28. Clean a few houses.

29. Babysit ten children all weekend.

30. Take care of a large number of dogs or other animals.

31. Become an errand courier for someone or a few people for the weekend.

32. Teach some music lessons.

33. Dress up like a clown and do a few birthday parties.

34. Put on a great magic show for a large group.

35. Build a blog for a professional.

36. Find another business who needs your products and sell some to them.

37. Cut the hair of a few of your friends or family members.

38. Give cheap massages to anyone who has an interest.

Source by AnnaLaura Brown