The words “corporate events” don’t exactly sound like a party to some. However, when planned right, these events can become a great experience that brings individual members of a corporate team together. There is a lot of potential for failure, since planning a corporate event has to take into account a budget, and the different tastes and lifestyles of a large group of employees, so there can be a lot of pressure to get it right. Here are a few ideas for excellent and successful corporate events that may surprise you:

1)    Make it a Party – The first thing to do is figure out what kind of event you are going to plan. Are you focused on team building? Is it a product launch? A holiday event? Or do you want more of a conference feel? The bottom line to a successful event, no matter the type, is to make it a party. Yes, catering and drinks are key to making your event a party that everyone can enjoy. Even if your event is going to be more business than casual, you should still do what you can to ease the atmosphere, and make people feel comfortable enough to have fun with whatever the activity is.

2)    Have a Theme – Making your event themed can go do wrong, but if done well, it can go so right. The key is to stay away from cheesy, tired themes, like luau, or under the sea. The only theme that has been done over and over and is still ok to do would be a holiday theme. The best themes derive from the source of activity, and serve as conversation starters. If you are launching a new product, or focusing on the future of the company, having a futuristic theme and styling element can be fun and interesting. If you’re celebrating a successful year, having a gold-plated, or even a casino/James Bond theme would be classy and classic.

3)    Pick Team-Building Exercises that Work – As much as people may want to fall back on classic team-building exercises, the ones you may remember from camp, try to go the extra mile with these, and make them a new and memorable experience such as learning a new skill together, tasting new drinks or foods, cooking together, solving a fake murder mystery or crime scene investigation, or even a team treasure hunt. There are so many different ways to bring your team together, just make sure it’s something everyone will enjoy and talk about until next year’s event!

4)    Have Something for Everyone – Every work group has diversity, and many kinds of personalities and lifestyles. It’s important that your event be able to cater to any crowd’s needs, including those who don’t drink, or have specific food allergies, and those who may need to refrain from too much physical activity. It’s a good idea to take stock of your team, and find something that everyone can enjoy, and a good way to do this is to take a poll. Ask your team what they would like to do, and let them submit their answers anonymously. This will give you a better idea for what direction your event needs to go in to accommodate the preferences of your team.

Source by Rocky Rhodes