Online writing jobs are in big demand these days so it only makes sense to look closely at the different opportunities out there. Some sites would have you write ads while others would have you reviewing and editing scripts and rough drafts, screen out inappropriate content or blogging to mention just a few. If you are at all interested in this sort of thing then I think there is a good fit somewhere.

If you investigate I will give you a word of caution. Make sure the online writing job you are looking at is legit. I recently read an FBI report about a new subscriber to an online job site that had put money into their checking account from the business they had signed on with and then sent it out to someone else as part of their job. Do not do that. They will be charged with money laundering. I am not trying to discourage you from moving forward but to be cautious.

While I was looking into different online writing job sites I not a common theme – the 5 characteristics I mentioned above. Here they are:

1. Be prepared to work. Do not expect this to be a piece of cake and then just give up if it is a little more than you expected. Anything you do is going to take some effort, especially starting out. Make your best effort to get past the first week or two of learning.

2. Try your best. If you're going into this with the thought that you want to just do a good enough job to get by then do not bother. You are getting paid to do a good job, so give it your best shot.

3. Honesty. They are looking for people that they can count on to be honest. Especially when writing a blog voicing your opinion about a movie, new ad or restaurant. They want your honest opinion so that they can make informed decisions about their products.

4. Be genuine. When you are writing, if it is expected, allow your personality to show through your writing. People would rather read genuine thoughts than what the writer thinks they want to hear.

5. A willingness to complete a job. When you sign on with a company to write for make sure you finish the job you started. You can turn down jobs and look for something that fits better and you have flexibility in how fast you complete it but make sure if you accept it you finish it.

There you have it. If you have these 5 characteristics you should do well with your new online writing job.

Source by Dan Guthrie