So what is audio streaming, anyway? Well, if you have ever listened to Internet radio, you listened to audio streaming. You can also experience other recorded content that way that is not a constant stream. Want to do it for your business? Here are 5 steps to follow.

Step 1: Choose Software

You will need good software that is easy to use in order to turn your sound files into a digital format. This same software should be able to convert the files to data streams as well.

Step 2: The Audio Files

Because you will be changing the file, make sure you're starting with the highest quality file you can. Before you even make your analog recordings, practice the material if you are performing it, or listen to make sure it will convert to good audio streaming sound.

Step 3: Audio Streaming Servers

All servers are not alike, but a home server is probably at the bottom of the bunch. Use a good service that will provide high quality and lots of bandwidth for your audio streaming project. Sound that does not play well will just lose you listeners.

Step 4: Advertise Your Stream

Set up links to your web page and you MySpace page. If it's music, get your song posted on some of the music hosting sites and / or private Internet radio stations.

Step 5: Fresh and Crisp

Keep your audio streaming fresh and crisp with new content or new songs. Keep the streaming streaming and you will keep customers and clients.

Source by Sean Mize