Transitioning from a guaranteed paycheck to the murky entrepreneurial waters can be a very intimidating step. The what-if this happens conversation going on in the mind just seems to get louder and louder.

Despite a firm belief that going into business is undoubtedly the most rewarding way to live life, getting rid of that fear. But that is OK, at some point we all figure out to take action.

Some Good News At Last

We live in a day and age where going into business doesn’t have to be so intimidating anymore. Those days are gone. In fact, it’s even easier to become successful without trying too hard as long as you have the right information available to you and a willingness to develop some success habits. When I think about it, it almost seems like the hardest decision for anyone thinking about quitting their 9-5 job is actually deciding to quit and surviving that farewell office party of course!

The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

If you are looking for a simple, proven business model for how to transition from employee to entrepreneur then consider affiliate marketing. I think of affiliate marketing as a process of writing one’s own paycheck. However, the industry standard definition is: The process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. All you have to do is find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

The Process Of Affiliate Product Sourcing

With tons of affiliate products and services out there and many more coming into the marketplace every day, one needs a clear action plan to find a great product to promote. The 5 steps outlined in the next section should get anyone pretty close to their online business dream. The rest really depends on one’s own desire to succeed online and a crazy intense passion for creating a lifestyle where you live, work and play on your own terms. The only obstacle that could really be standing in your way here is you the person and limiting beliefs we all seem to harbour within.

1. Quality Is Key

Focus on settling for great quality products/services only. Chances are if it’s quality, the company’s entire supply chain process and customer support are of high quality too. It’s also a good indicator the company is founded on high integrity, has quality people as employees and is genuinely out there trying to offer the best value in the niche market they are in.

2. A Big Solution For A Big Problem

Seek out niche markets where there are big problems to be solved. You then follow that up with research for a quality solution. In a previous post on HOW TO START A PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS from scratch, I touched on why it is advisable to create an online business that focuses on fixing big problems and if possible, the very painful ones.

3. Look For Overwhelming Value

We live in a society where we are very enlightened and informed. Online feedback and reviews can make or break your online business overnight. Find a program that offers valuable free gifts. The only feedback from your customers, once they receive their free gift, should be wow.

4. Integrated Suite Of Products

Settle for programs that have a range of other quality products that customers will want to keep coming back for. Variety is good and it also helps in building a solid fanbase, which is good for business growth.

A perfect example of an integrated product suite is The Apple Brand of Products. Think about their product line. Personally, since I got a taste of Apple in 2012 via my MacBook Pro I have never looked back. Now, chances are if someone is an iPhone user, there’s a good chance that an iPad and an iMac can be found in close proximity. Would you agree? You are looking for an affiliate program that can do just that.

5. It’s All About You

Pick programs offering products that are an extension of you. See yourself using what you are offering, see yourself getting overwhelming value from using that product, see yourself pain-free from the effects of the product.

Remember the last time you recommended a favourite Italian restaurant to a friend who’s just moved into an area you have lived in before? It almost feels like you own the darn joint yes? Why is that? You even catch yourself thinking that the restaurant owner should start paying you for all the recommendations you ‘dish’ out on their behalf! That right there is the whole point. You should have that same feeling for what you become affiliated with. It’s an extension of you.

I am personally affiliated with the six-figure mentors. The knowledge, education and values they represent as well as their overall mission as a company are all things I identify with every day.

Money Matters

Understand how you will get paid. Read and understand the program’s compensation plan.After all, if you are going to work hard, re-skill and spend time and money on marketing, you need to know how the money flows back to you in return.


As with any business, do your own research and remember the points we just discussed. It’s your business and no one will mind your business better than you. Think like an entrepreneur and seek guidance from someone who’s doing it. They could act as your mentor. Success leaves clues and walking in the shadows of someone who has achieved the results you seek as an affiliate marketer should be seriously considered. Starting out online is not an instant success. There’s work involved.

The Promise Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing provides a simple transition from employee to entrepreneur and with the right affiliate program, you could look very cool doing it. Why? You could start earning and replacing your income well before you quit your job and if the program is good, you could pick up brilliant marketing education and other business skills that will serve you well when you finally launch your own ideas to market.

Final Thought

Remember these words from the great Napoleon Hill in his book Think & Grow Rich:

“selling is the World’s number 1 paid profession”. And he was right.

Wishing you heaps of success.

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done – Nelson Mandela”

Source by Eddie Guchu