A lot of people ask this question all the time.

“How do I make money online quickly?”

My answer is generally, “You don’t!” You have to work for it to make it happen.

But, the truth is, there are a few ways to make money rather quickly and even as soon as today.

Here are just 10 of ways to make money online in no specific order…

1. Sell something on Ebay. It “almost” doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe it’s something old you have lying around the house. Heck as long as you’re honest and say what it is you’re selling, you can make money on there. There are people on eBay right now selling, of all things, “Broken Cell Phones!” Yes people even buy broken stuff.

2. Blog for money. Blogging has become so popular and important in the eyes of the search engines that you can now get paid to, blah blah, I mean write about things you like, don’t like or stuff you know about. PayPerPost.com is the place to go.

3. Sell your services. With the sheer number of freelancer websites out there, if you have a skill someone needs, SELL IT!

Here are places you can go to sell your services. Elance: http://www.Elance.com Rent A Coder: http://www.RentACoder.com Script Lance: http://www.Scriptlance.com Guru: http://www.Guru.com Writer Lance: http://www.Writerlance.com Workaholics 4Hire: http://www.Workaholics4Hire.com

4. Sell other peoples products. It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a term you’ll hear bandied around the internet quite a bit. But… the fact is, affiliate marketing is growing in the billions of dollars of revenue and income made on the internet. Go to any major “affiliate network” or big ecommerce website like Target.com and you can find an affiliate signup link somewhere on the page. There, you sign up to become a reseller of their products and they give you a percentage of the sale. You’ve just become their freelance or remote sales force. All you have to do is use online advertising methods such as Pay Per Click using Google AdWords or something similar and you can use it to sell other peoples’ products through your “affiliate link” by placing small “classified like” ads on their pay per click network. A person sees the ad, they click to the website you’re advertising and if they buy, you get paid! Even if you make as little as $50 a day, that’s a nice start and heck, it can pay your bills. Remember you have to invest money in your advertising but would you spend $200 a month to make $1,500? Of course you would!

5. Start your own website. This is probably the most difficult one of these but it really isn’t difficult once you know the steps you need to take in order to accomplish it. I can’t possibly explain them all in detail here but, I can give you a quick list.

* Get a domain name.

* Get a website hosting account.

* Get an Autoresponder. You will need one to collect the names and email addresses of your customers and/or visitors.

* Get an HTML editing software like Microsoft Frontpage or a free one like NVU

* Get FTP software. FTP means File Transfer Protocol and it is the best method to transfer files on to your website hosting account. These are files like webpages and such. Filezilla is a great free choice for the beginner.

* Get a way to process credit cards. You can start our with Paypal and even expand your business using all of their services. It’s free to join, fast and secure for you and your customers.

* Create a digital product, get the resale rights to one or sell a physical product. It really doesn’t matter as long as it’s something there is a need or a want for.

* Put up a page selling your product.

* Advertise and send traffic to your website.

* Collect your Money and follow-up with your customers!

I know that last one was a bit overly simplistic, but like I said, “It’s way too much to get into here.”

Keep in mind that these are just 5 among the dozens of other ways to make money online. Take action and change your life!

Source by Rasheed Ali