You can make big money online with your existing articles. Using your existing articles to put together your very own information products is a very rewarding project. You can build mini site empires with your various products assembled with your existing articles.

1. Take 5-10 of your nearly related articles and bundle them together to sell as an ebook. This can add up making you real big money as you will price them to about $ 25 each.
2. Put 3-5 of your content related articles together to sell as small reports for $ 7 each.
3. Start a membership site with your articles and sell the small reports for $ 10. Remove the report when you put up a new one to have your members wanting to pay another $ 10 for the next one and so on.
4. Create a newsletter with your articles that will profit your mailing list and have visitors coming to your website to sign up which will increase your list dramatically.
5. And last but not least put together 5-7 articles and create your own mini ebooks for about $ 7 each.

If you use your existing articles wisely with the ideas provided above you can make a fortune online. Do not forget to include ads of your already finished products and affiliate products for huge additional profits.

Promote your products by writing articles for each of them. This again will give you some articles to continue in your effort to increase your mini site empire.

It does not matter how many or few articles you have written. Start today and produce one idea at a time for your online mini site empire.

Source by Elke Houghton