Doesn’t $50K a week sound awesome? Sure it does, which is probably why the creators of this bogus trading system named it that way. Of course we would all love to be able to pull in over fifty thousand dollars a week through the virtue of sitting in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately, when it comes to 50K A Week aka software, the reality is very far from the perception. Don’t mistake this horrible binary options trading app for anything legitimate or trustworthy. It is the furthest thing from being profitable or honest.

Its intention is to screw you over and take you for everything that you have. 50K A Week scam software is a highly volatile and downright malicious piece of trading software. Anyone who thinks that this BO trading platform is here to help generate money could not be any more wrong. Yeah, 50K A Week software is designed to make an income, but for the crooked people running the show, not the poor saps using it to trade. You definitely need to read our 50K A Week scam review because there is a whole lot of important info that you need to be made aware of.

50K A Week Software – Lies, Lies, & More Lies

One of the clearest and most obvious indications that this software is a complete rip off, is that no one associated with it is actually real. During the presentation video we are greeted by a crook named Josh Harris. Josh Harris claims to have been employed by a trading company named GeniusTech. Supposedly he was a designer of computer algorithms for that business, ones that specialized in trading binary options.

For one reason or another, GeniusTech went belly up, but just before they did, they allowed Mr. Harris to keep his proprietary trading algorithms free of cost. He then used that programming he had done to finalize the 50K A Week trading app. So, do we really need to explain to you just how ludicrous that whole, clearly fabricated, chain of events is?

Nobody in their right minds would have let Josh keep that software for free, plus if GeniusTech had that software for themselves, they probably would not have gone out of business. He definitely was never allowed to just retain that info. This brings us to the next point, that GeniusTech does not nor has it ever existed, plus the same can be said for Josh himself. We did a whole lot of research and as far as we can tell, that company never existed and Josh Harris is just a paid actor. Everything we are told in terms of the owner and the background story of 50K A Week scam software is not true in the least. Heck, even the user testimonials we are shown are about as real as processed slices of cheese.

50K A Week System – How It Works

This is another blind spot that we have no idea of. We always want to know how a program works to generate income for us. Unfortunately, this sensitive info is not revealed when it comes to this fraudulent trading system. We are informed that it uses state of the art technology and high powered algorithms to execute trades with phenomenal accuracy. However, we are never told any more than that.

That explanation is worthless, useless, and does nothing to further our knowledge. What we are told, is that the same algorithms being used by 50K A Week software are being used by big time Wall Street brokers. This is obviously not true, because if the whole world traded the way this software did, then 50K A Week scam software would be unnecessary and completely obsolete. These are just some more lies that we discovered. Whatever the case may be, we do not really have a firm grasp on the inner workings of this program, and that is through no fault of ours. Your best bet is to simply keep away from this junk.

50K A Week Program – Profits & ITM Rate

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this whole thing is in relation to the promise of massive profits and insanely phenomenal ITM rates. As the name implies, this software is supposed to be able to generate over $50,000 per week, every week, and it can apparently do so with a 100% ITM rate. This is so dumb we don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Anyone who knows anything about binary options or Forex trading will tell you what is right. With a minimal investment you will never make more than $800 or maybe $900 per day. 50K A Week software promises to generate over 11 times as much money on a daily basis. That alone is enough to make us extremely weary.

Even better is that claim of being totally risk free with a 100% ITM rate. That means that literally every single last trade made by this program would result in a win, or in other words, a profit. This is totally untrue and impossible to achieve. Risk is something that is always present in trading and no amount of computer programming can change that. Sure, some of the best programs out there can must an ITM rate of 88%, or somewhere around there, but even that is mostly unheard of. Saying that 50K A Week software never loses a trade is absolutely beyond our comprehension.

50K A Week Review – The VERDICT

There is only one reasonable verdict to come to here, and that is that 50K A Week trading software is a monumental rip off. We didn’t even cover all of the aspects and all of the evidence we found. However, what we have shared should already be enough to have you packing your bags and running for the hills. Shady brokers, a lack of a trading strategy, lies about companies and identities, and clearly fabricated profits are just some of the red flags which indicate a scam here. Simply stay away from 50K A Week scam software, because if you invest money with it, you can rest assured that you will lose it all.

Review Verdict: 50K A Week is a SCAM!

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