You wonder if there is hope with so people losing their job's after being there for years. There is hope if you want to make extra money and stay at home and do it.

You can make extra money at home by doing jobs that other people do not like doing or do not have time to do. Here are a few ideas.

1. Walking dogs is a good way to earn extra money if you like dogs. Because people are at work all day they want their dog to get exercise why they are working.

It will work for you because you will make money, exercise, and fresh air all day. Walk more then one dog by starting a dog walking business and you could make some good money.

2. On the same subject people will pay you to go into their yard and pick up the doggie poop. You would be surprised how many people are looking for someone to come out and help them out once a week. Of course you need to do more then one house to make good money.

3. If you are an accountant who is out of work you could let people know that you are available to help them with their taxes. If you take on business customers this could turn into a full time business as well.

4. A lot of parents are going out to work and need someone to take care of their children. If you love kids you can get licensed, child proof your home, and have activity of that kids can do why they are with you.

Having a back yard is a plus because if it is a nice day you want them to go outside to play. Having a good place for naps is also very important so they can rest comfortably. Children also need to eat at a good table and no TV. so they can focus on eating.

5. Parents are also looking for tutors to help their children with home work. From second grade all the way up to graduation kids need help.

You will have to work your schedule around kids that are in sports or other activity's so you can get together with them. You can be paid very well to share your knowledge.

6. If you are good on the internet there are a many ways to make extra money selling information. For example if you are a hair stylist there are people trying to save money and not going to the salon.

You could get a blog going offering great tips. Monetize you blog with Google AdSense ads and make money when people click on the ads. You could also write reports and sell them on your blog. These are 6 ways to make extra money at home. Can you think of anything?

Source by Paul Jesse