You can improve your overall game by learning some 7 Card Stud tips. Many of those who enjoy this game understand the basics of play but may fall a bit short on some of the more technical aspects of the game. You can find 7 Card Stud tips either online or in many books that have been written on the game.

The Lingo

In order to understand the 7 Card Stud tips that you may find, you must first understand the language that is used in this game. Here are some of the more common terms that you will need to know.

High Card – Any Card from a Ten through an Ace

Low Card – Any Card from Two through Nine

Split Pair – A starting hand in which you have a pair where one is showing and one is hidden

Conceived Pair – Any pair that is in the pocket or hidden as your hole cards

Door Cards – The exposed cards that are used to decide who starts a round

An Important Play

Of the many 7 Card Stud tips that are floating around, one of the most important is to understand the power of checking whenever you can so that you can get free cards. It is important to always keep in mind that there are many betting rounds in this game and if you have to bet or call in all of these rounds you can quickly have too much money in the pot.

Fast Playing

The next set of 7 Card Stud tips applications when you get a high pair as your hole cards. When this happens, you are best advised to play fast and aggressive. You want to do this in order to get as many players out of the game as quickly as possible. You do not want them to improve their hands by staying in. Fast playing means you bet, raise and re-raise.

Slow Playing

No list of 7 Card Stud tips would be complete without a word or two about slow playing. The truth is you will get more slow play hands than you will fast play hands. If you begin the game with a draw hand, any hand that you need more cards to compete (three to a straight or three to a flush, for example), you should consider slow playing the hand for now. Slow playing is simply calling bets and checking whenever possible. If your hand improves, then you can switch gears and become more aggressive. If you the hand does not improve, you can fold and will have lost only the minimum amount of money.

These are just a very few of the many 7 Card Stud tips that you can find and begin to apply to your own game. As you begin your study of the material that you find, keep in mind that all 7 Card Stud tips are only as good as your ability to put them to work for you. You can find many more ideas on how to improve your game at TitanPoker.

Source by Nathan Greenbridge