7 things you should consider before investing in Forex Trading. You may not make a million dollars with this advice but it may help to save your nest egg. The top traders know that controlling risk is just as important as knowing how to trade for big gains, if not more important.

A.) Know how much you are willing to invest. You should enter any market with the amount of money that you are willing to accept as a loss without too much damage to your overall seed money. Find your personal comfort level and stick to it.

B.) Listen to your instincts. A smart investor follows a plan, and that plan is in place way before the first trade is ever made. It can be hard to follow your instincts when the emotions of a live trade unfold. If you try to keep your mind-set the same as when you developed your strategy you'll be more successful.

C.) Know when enough is enough. If you see a trade takes off, stay in control, do not pull out too soon or wait for the bottom to drop out. Stay with your trading strategy, you should have a planned stop-loss in place. Just let it happen. If you see weaknesses in your strategy adjust between trades not during them.

D.) Never invest everything in one trade, no matter how confident you are. A seasoned trader will always diversify. Diversification is your safety net for tragic loss. Without diversifying you could be out of the game before you had a chance to play.

E.) Shop around for a broker. Not all brokers have the same spread (fee charged by brokers). Treat this like a business by keeping your costs low you can better maximize your profits.

F.) Never trade blind. Investing large amounts of money into something you have not searched is like trying to hit a bull's-eye with a blindfold on, you might get lucky but it's more likely you are going to hurt someone.

G.) Always test a new strategy. You can find or hear about Forex trading strategies anywhere but, what my work for one person will not always work for you. Test any new trading strategy with paper trades or in your dummy account before taking it live. You may need to make adjustment to your new strategy; you will not know that until you try it.

Following these 7 steps should help you to avoid a very costly learning curve. The Forex trading market will always be there when you are ready so, take your time, put together a plan and work the pan until you are confident you can make steady, consistent winning trades and then go for it.

Source by Closon M