Written marketing is one of the best marketing available till date. The advantage of the article marketing is due to the ready reference and the ease with which it can be stored. Here are seven key steps to create more money in article marketing.

First thing is to make your article strong. Make use of eye catchy headline. The headline should be able to attract the interest of the reader and hold him to go through the whole article.

Second thing is the totality of the article. For article marketing the article should be total in the sense that it should provide all information from start to finish. The reader must not run for complete information somewhere else.

Third step is to make your article aesthetically appealing. Make use of good fonts and the size of the font should not too small to be missed or too big to make it look unprofessional.

Fourth key is giving a format to your article. Make use of your company logo and address. This will develop authenticity of the article and hence interest of the reader.

Fifth step is to make the use of good language that is easy to understand and also maintain interest.

Sixth step is to promote your product with some innovative comparisons and highlighting some key features of the products and services.

Seventh key to article marketing is to provide all the links for future reference and correspondence. And if you receive any query is very prompt to answer it.

Another big thing with article marketing is testing your categories and topics, as I do.

Source by Sean Mize