If you are one of those people who thinks you can not make money with PPC advertising, think again. Fast advertising online is a great way to make money in addition to your normal income. Attracting the rights ads, however, is very important. Here are 7 key steps to make online advertising programs work for you.

Key 1: A Good Website

Remember that you will want to attract a certain kind of person, not a bunch of random folks. So target your website and build it around a specific audience and you will get ads placed that will appeal to those same people.

Key 2: Website Design

You do not want to get people to visit your website then click off before they click on any ads. Design a visually pleasant website and they will stay.

Key 3: Readable and Useful Content

If you offer content that is poorly written or irrelevant, you will not keep your readers long enough to click on ads. Keep your content interesting and fresh, even if you have to hire it done.

Key 4: Location, Location, Location

Remember that people read websites in an F pattern and left to right, so keep your ads on the left and content on the right side. Use only one headline at the top, and one subhead about a third to a half of the way down the article. Fast advertising online should be well-placed.

Key 5: Bigger Is not Better

Proportion is better. Do not use large ads or actually competitive layouts. The clash will make people click off.

Key 6: Update Your Own Content

If your content is old, you will lose followers and therefore lose clicks. Keep it crisp and fresh.

Key 7: Do Not Click Your Own Ads

You will be shut down because that's cheating, and the search engines know when it happens. Do not be cute – play fair.

Source by Sean Mize