When we age, our penis will shrink to 20-30 percent it’s adult size. It shrinks at an alarming rate, and it usually begins around the mid-30’s. In some cases, it can shrink down to 60-70 percent of total size which can also cause a state of constant flaccidity in the genitals. Even if you have a large endowment, shrinkage of the genitals is inevitable, but there are key ways of preventing this!

  1. Temperature – Heat can cause shrinkage. The optimum temperature to prevent shrinkage and also help increase production of sperm is 95.6°F or 35°c which is 3°F or 2°C below normal body temperature. So taking prolonged hot spa’s, sauna’s or being exposed to the sun for too long can cause long term shrinkage.
  2. Wear loose clothing – If you wear tight underpants or pants, you constrict the blood flow to your groin. If you wear tight clothing constantly, the general blood flow to your groin area will reduce over a period of time. As the blood flow is reduced, your penis will adapt to the blood flow by shrinkage. So to combat this, always wear loose clothing to allow your groin and testicles to breathe, allowing better circulation.
  3. Reduce your gut – If you reduce your beer gut, it allows better circulation to the waist and pelvis. This will allow better blood flow to your lower limbs and to your groin area. This will also decrease stress on your genitalia significantly.
  4. Ejaculation – If you noticed after ejaculation, your testes will retract back into your pelvis. This will also make your penis retract back into the pelvis also as the testes is connected to your penis. This as a result causes contraction of penile tissue, resulting in shrinkage or shortening. Masturbation will not have an affect on shrinkage, but ejaculation will.
  5. Exercise – Exercise is the best way of preventing shrinkage! Just like muscle or skin tone, to make them healthy and strong you need to exercise. For example, people who have saggy, cellulitis wrinkled thighs are people who don’t exercise a lot. Compared to people who tone their thighs and legs through aerobic exercise will have little or sagginess or cellulitis. Penis enlargement exercises is the best way to prevent shrinkage or shortening, as it is designed to not only prevent shrinkage but also increases the size of it. General exercise is good also, as it promotes efficient blood flow to all parts of the body.
  6. Medication – Medication can help prevent shrinkage, especially if they promote blood flow to the genitals such as viagra.
  7. Maintain Body Fluid levels – Everyone should drink the recommended water intake of 8 glasses a day. Your body will dehydrate 85-100 fl oz or 2.5-3 litres a day, even more in hotter weather. Dehydration to the body causes contraction of tissue and reduced blood flow to the body. That’s why if your skin does not get enough moisture (from your body fluids), your skin wrinkles. The same situation apply to shrinkage to the phallus.

Source by Phil L King