Have you ever wondered how people can make money working from home? Have you ever felt like to sleep over in the morning because the bed is so comfortable and the weather is so nice that you don’t feel like going to work? You are not the only one. Many people wish to have such career. In fact getting more people nowadays is earning a very decent income by working from home and having their own part time or internet businesses. For these people, gone are the days of waking up early, staying back late, rush over lunch hour, sneak out to pay bill, and stuck in traffic jam commuting to work place.

Making money by working from home is not something easily done overnight. It is certainly not a way to get rich fast! Common misperception is that running an internet business is easy and required zero start-up cost, but in fact it is not. It takes dedication, a little bit of upfront investment and hard works over a long period of time. Ones without the experience or know-how will probably encounter a steep learning curve in the process of acquiring the knowledge. One without patience and persistency will fail in long term too. However all the sacrifices will eventually be paid back if one has done enough right things.

Before starting out, there are a few things you need to consider.

It is important not to take a plunge from your permanent job by quitting, especially if you are starting out. Start slow, take your time in experiencing various stuff. Take time to think of what you can do. Some other question you should also be asking yourself like, what is my passion? What is my interest? What special skills do I have? Do you always feel like to do something during free time but just can’t start doing it because you didn’t have the determination? If you are serious in building a working at home business model you should seriously consider answering these questions.

Assuming you have found your interest and passion and you know what you feel like doing, the next thing is how to express the passion and interest of yours. Ask yourself, do you know where to start and how? Or do you know what to do to express your interest? If not, don’t worry, there is numerous ways to make use of you passion, interest or skill set. These are some area you should be venturing:

  1. Writing blog. A rich contented blog site can attract thousands of visitor per day thus generating tons of advertising income. If you are interested or passionate about something, share and blog about it, you might know something people want to know or interested to know. Kennysia.com earns 5 figures income every month by blogging about travelling, lifestyle, events and some times plainly talks about nonsense. There are many people out there who are curious and want to know more about others’ lifestyle. Millionaireacts.com earns recurring advertising income because people want to know what it takes to become millionaires and the author is know-how expert in giving out good information on investing, building business and wealth. The author of paultan.org is passionate about car and automobiles thus his blog is so successful simply because there are many car enthusiasts out there also sharing the joy.
  2. Sell your own intellectual properties such as eBook, audio, video. Thanks to the technology, you don’t need to come out with your own publishing house, studio room or film factory to do that, all you need is the right software and equipments. For example if you are a French teacher, you can create your own French audio learning program in MP3 format. If you are a chef in one of those hip restaurants or reputable hotel, probably you can write an eBook on your secret recipe. Or if you are expert in using certain software tools (Microsoft excel, etc), you can create your own video tutorial about it. Good thing about selling electronic products is that you don’t need warehouse storage, user can just download your product with a price.
  3. Don’t have your own product? If you can’t think of producing one, you can sell other people product. Nowadays many e-commerce web sites have their own affiliate network. What you can do is to promote their products and services through the affiliate network. Amazon.com is one of the examples, you can sell various products you love from Amazon.com and earn a commission. There are also e-commerce web site provide plainly the medium for seller to sell the product and advertiser to advertise the seller’s product for a commission. Clickbank.com is one of the examples.
  4. Find freelance online – Even getting a freelance job is much easier with nowadays Internet technology. Check out getacoder.com, rentacoder.com, elance.com and getafreelancer.com. You can conveniently get some jobs and start earning money working from home, provided that you have specific set of skill. Job skills ranging from technical skill to soft skill, and from building a complete application or web site to writing business letters and entering data are all available.
  5. Build your own million dollar web site. If you have innovative idea, something likes Facebook, Google or Yahoo. It is likely your web site will attract millions of traffic thus generating great amount of advertising income, given it is a whole new idea and it serves purposes that are not provided by existing web sites. Facebook didn’t invent the idea of social networking web site. Facebook become so popular because it contains tons of applications for user to plays around with and integration platforms so it can work with other web site or application. This was not provided by friendster.com initially which sees his users slowly walking away.
  6. EBay trading. Buy low and sell high. By taking time in scavenging for great deals and hidden gems, you also can make considerable amount of profit. If you love electronic gadgets and know the price, demand and specification for many types of electronics, you can look for bargains to acquire and resell with a higher price.
  7. Drop shipping. Selling other company’s product as if it is your own brand from your own warehouse, this type of Internet business doesn’t need intensive amount of startup and no physical warehouse space is required. The good thing about it is; it looks professional from buyer point of view because it seems you have your own range of products from your own warehouse. Just type in “dropship” into Google search, you can find a lot of information. But be warned that there are many fake drop shippers, you may go to http://www.worldwidebrands.com where you can get directories of hundreds of the most reliable drop shippers world wide.
  8. Headhunting services. If you are a people person and have a good size of network, you can leverage on it by providing headhunting service for companies and corporate. Usually this type of service requires a laptop, a phone and wide knowledge of available job skills in the market in brief, understanding of people’s skill set and company’s employment requirements. You can work from home or anywhere you want.

Before closing this topic, I would like to reiterate. As I have mentioned before, having an internet business is not easy and certainly not a way to make money quick and get rich fast. It takes a lot of perseverance and hard works like brick and mortar business as well. But of course, when comparing with traditional brick and mortar business world, the entry barrier for internet business is still much lower. Needless to say, if the start up cost is low then cost of failure is low as well. So what are you waiting for? Start your own internet business now so very soon you can also enjoy the comfort of working from home!

Source by Zen Foo