A toll free number is an advanced way of customer retention practised generally for commercial purpose. In this the customers are given a particular number generally starting with 1-800 to interact with their customer care agent for any kind of product or services. The number could be dialled from a landline free of cost and the customer doesn’t feel the heat of paying for the calls made. Whatever calls are made to the 800 toll free phone numbers, the commercial entity has to pay for that.

Initially the 800 toll free phone numbers were operational which is the original area code but now more area code has come up. Some other terms associated with toll free are virtual office toll free number and toll free virtual pbx. Small business houses and self employed generally use the concept of virtual office toll free number. It has several advantageous over the static one in terms of flexibility, features and cost. It helps in transferring the calls anywhere in the world and is of great advantage when you change your offices. It is also less costly with contemporary features like caller id, call forwarding, call waiting, multiple ring-to numbers and many more.

The toll free virtual pbx is a modernised version of a traditional pbx. In this you don’t need to install any equipment. The ASP(Application Service Provider) provides this service who has the authority to incorporate several features into it. Some of the prime features of toll free virtual pbx include scalability and tolerance.

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Source by Mike Nicholson