By Adriana Hüseynov

Hi, everybody. I apologize if my english is bad but I have been communicating with admin Daniel from this site and giving him my feedback. He had asked me to write feedback in a post my settings and results with my optionrobot account so here i am today! Kind of crazy to be sure but I wish my settings along with the new Optionrobot tool will hope a lot of you!


So a little bit me. My name is Adriana and I have been trying to trade binaries for 2 months now. I had tried trading on my own but blew my account in first couple of hours. Just my luck! Good thing I only did $250 but still hurt. Anyhow i got back on the bike again tried the 1k daily profit software which seemed like it be very good service but it was not. Loss all of my money in 3 days. Worse of all i could not withdraw either before scam broker and auto trader took all my monies!

This is when I asked for help by a lot of online sites. All of sites i asked helped from did nothing to help me. They just tell me over and over again sorry to hear about your losses. They tried to get me to sign up with a different software. I got more smart after losing my money a second time and did lot of research and looking into systems. It appears that 4 of those sites were recommending me to MORE scams. I didn’t know who to trust, it all just seems to wrong!

That was when I came across this site about binary options investing guide. I was very shocked to see all of the strategies and free stuff! What was great to was how everybody was sharing their experiences and tips. I subscribed immediately and spent hours on this site. Thanks to this site and Daniel i am happy to say my trading has turned all way around. You guys feedback and help gave me faith again and i cannot thank you enough. Enough about me though. Let my share my experience with the Optionrobot!

OptionRobot Profit - Results

Ok I been with OptionRobot system since 16 of March 2017 and at first my results were not good. I had gone 0 for 3 my nite which really hurt my starting hopes. But on the 17th my results happened to be a little bit better where I had gone 4 for 5. I used $25 trades and lost $75 first night but made $52.50 second day. So my first week was 4 for 8, that is 50%, not good! That was on auto trader. Was not until after I done trading I saw to avoid the auto trading. I read all comments on both option robot writings here. wow i learned a ton!

OptionRobot Profit - Results

So i got traded on that evening and did only manual trades. I tried traders sentiment because many of you had good results with it. Daniel who i asked for help told me to try a couple of the strategy with penny millionaire. Both of it worked very well! Went back on with Giorgos comment from 16 of March setting which had been Method Classic, expiry 5 minutes, Indicators: Trend, RSI, STOCH, Max simultaneous trades 1. Did those settings and the sentiment graph on broker site and tried to do strategy too but didn’t really need it. Went 5 for 6 winners! So my first week was truly 9 for 14 and total profit of $46.75.

OptionRobot Profit - Results

Monday on 20 of March 2017 I logged in OptionRobot and noticed they added a new feature. Copy settings. I was not sure what it was entirely so I avoided it at first. Did same exact set up for optionrobot as i did that friday. Did even better!! Went 7 for 9 and was gone call a day but i could not stop being curious about copy settings. So i said what the heck. I did well enough so i may try it and see. Like even bigger wow! 100% success with 8 trades! My account went from $296.75 to $528 after day 3. I was beyond happy, that was enough to make up for the money i loss with 1k daily profit scam.

OptionRobot Profit - Results

Day 4 I wanted to try something different. So I looked at all the comments again and wrote down a lot of you guys settings. I decided to use the trade copier again to test my luck. Classic, 5M, all currencies checked, $50 a trade, manual and only rsi were all i used on 21 of march 2017. Had gone a total of 11 for 15. I was not sure what really to wonder but wow, made much money this tuesday! Made $212.50! My balance now was $740.50.

OptionRobot Profit - Results

22 of March was not a good start. Went 0 for 3 again before stopping. I couldn’t figure out why! Until me remembered that auto is not good! So I turned on trade copier and from no where my 0 for 3 went to 12 for 17. A $150 loss turned to a $202.50 profit! Was not until later Daniel said I was trading dangerously. He told me to lessen my trade number. No more than 7 a day. He said one bad day could have destroyed all my account. I did not realize it until he said and he was right. I traded dumb again like i did first time but got lucky.

OptionRobot Profit - Results

On 23 of March I did trade copier at $100 a trade and stopped at 7 trades. I won all 5 of my first trades but lost last 2. I went 5 for 7 with $175.50 profit. I want to win them all but Daniel told me you can’t and won’t win every time! Trade copier for optionrobot worked very good for me and so did manual. Although it took more work i made good monies so happy i am.

OptionRobot Profit - Results

My optionrobot account of $250 went to $1,118.50 i did not make my goal but I still am very grateful and pleased. I had a goal of 1k profit to rub it in the face of those 1k daily profit scams but a different time! oh well i am happy that i found you guys. I hope beyond hope to that this helps to. I am not good at writing and did not want to do it. But i felt like i needed to help you guys out like you did me. I cant tell you how happy i am to be here today. Being part of this site with you makes me feel like we all big one distant family! Anyhow I wish you all very good luck trading and never to give up like i did almost! 🙂

With love,

Adriana Hüseynov

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