1.90% of the down jackets are suitable for washing

In the down jacket inside, are stitched on a maintenance and washing instructions printed on small labels, caring person and will find that 90% of the down jacket marked to hand, should not dry, because dry syrup used will affect the warmth, but also  make cloth aging. The washing and drying machines, stirring after being screwed down jacket, can easily lead to uneven filling Bo Hou, making clothes out of shape and affect the appearance and warmth.
Every season, many people will be sent to the laundry to dry down jacket.

“In fact, dry cleaning down jacket is a misunderstanding.” Shao Min said, “down jacket will be used inside or outside the coated fabric. As the canada goose jackets material advantage that we can wind cold, but dry coating will wash off, but also a serious will fade. “

2. Washing standard is sometimes unreliable

Clothes are washed each standard, but many do not wash the standard specification.
“A lot of clothes marked for dry cleaning, in fact, some do not need, can be washed instead of dry cleaning clothing and even some damage.” Shao Min said it so many clothes marked “dry fit” clothing factory in order to partly enhance the quality of clothes.

There are some “can not be washed, not dry clean” standard washing, leaving the consumer difficult. Min Shao picked up a piece of clothing, for example, “on the shoulders of two small pieces of fur, leather, washing marked professional dry cleaning requirements, so not worth it.”

Source by downkings@gmai.com