A few years ago, making money on the net was a deed restricted to those with a high traffic website or sophisticated internet marketing expertise. However, today a new kind of websites have emerged that allow the beginner to make money on the net by simply applying their existing understanding and resources. As literally thousands of websites claim to offer you money making opportunities, it is a journey on it’s own to separate the legitimate from the fake when it comes to which promisers actually pay up. So, I’ve put together this article to work as a brief guide for the beginner pursuing ways of making money on the net.

One promising avenue to consider is to aid friends in the quest to find a job. Do a search for the following websites: ReferEarns, Zyoin, Who Do You Know For Dough?, Bohire, and WiseStepp. These sites bring potential employees to current employers and if you are the one who refers someone who eventually gets hired, you can get paid anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars. So, you can essentially become a recruiter and set your friend up with a new job-not a bad way to make money on the net. Another way of making money on the net is simply to connect buyers and suppliers. You’ve probably heard of or experienced referral fees in traditional offline business, and this is the online equivalent. Search for websites like uRefer, Salesconx, and InnerSell. If you refer a buyer you will get paid when the transaction occurs. You can basically act as a middleman and the obvious benefit of this is you never having to put up any of your own capital.

Further, making money on the net can be as simple as writing. Search for websites like Associated Content and Helium that will pay you based on the response your articles receive. You can compose articles about niche topics and can receive commissions up to two hundred dollars. If you have the free time and you enjoy writing, this is an obvious choice. One can also start a blog by simply visiting Blogger or WordPress. Blogger does the best job of providing automatic setup of Google AdSense on your website so your traffic can be immediately turned into money through ad clicks. The essential fact is that you write quality content and eventually you can make money by inserting your own unique affiliate links. Also, if you’re an expert in a particular niche, I recommend assembling a “topical hub” on websites such as Squidoo, HubPages, and Google Knol. These websites allow you to essentially build a one-page website filled with unique knowledge and tools about a particular topic and you earn money through ad revenue and affiliate commissions. This is certainly one of the easiest ways of making money as a novice on the net.

In conclusion, these are several basic avenues for a beginner to explore. As the internet grows at an increasing rate, so too will the chances for making money on the net. The real money still gets made by the experienced and high-traffic website owners and expert internet marketers, but the chances for beginners are growing fast. Find a niche topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about an explore the ways you can exercise this knowledge online. You will probably find a way of making money on the net as your skill becomes utilized and appreciated by others.

Source by Michael Belleggie