When advertising and picking a display stand, you want the material to be durable and sturdy. In the past, the only materials that could be used for display stands were wood, iron and glass. However, these types of materials were prone to many different problems, such as corrosion or insect attacks.

The problems mentioned above then affected the sturdiness and the durability of the display stands and the fixtures. Then the invention of acrylic display stands occurred, with a little help from chemical engineering. Transparent plastic was created.

Acrylic display stands can be many different shapes and sizes and customised to your taste, which is not always possible with other display stand materials.

Acrylic display stands can be used to display numerous items, such as newspapers, books, food items and jewellery. It is just about possible to display almost any item on an acrylic display stand.

Acrylic is a transparent material and its appearance is almost like glass. It can be painted extremely easily, making it appear much more attractive. Acrylic is a lightweight material and because of this an acrylic display stand can be easily moved if needed.

Acrylic display stands are not too expensive and therefore will not leave a drastic hole in your wallet. They look appealing to many customers, which is what you are aiming to achieve when putting a display stand in place.

Whatever reasons you require an acrylic display stand, contact us here at Tradewind Displays, where we have a wide range of stands to meet your individual requirements.

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