I am an in awe,… I ran across the website customdisplaystatues.com and was inspired to see the cool animatronics and custom statues there. Not too many people know this about me but I wanted to be a SFX guy. Sculpting custom statues and learning to build animatronics was something that interested me at a young age. Now, older and wiser I can see the amount of work needed to create cool custom statues and animatronic displays and why customdisplaystatues.com is inspiring.

They make it look easy! I mean the amount of detail they put into the custom statues and the great movement the animatronics have I have to say, I am impressed. I used to help run a booth during a trade show, and it would have been great to have had customdislpaystatues.com create a custom statue or animatronic to set up in the booth. The amount of talk that would have created would have been fun! Oh! It would be cool to get some custom statues for

Halloween, or some creapy animatronics created for the yard! Ha! scare the heck out of the teenagers trying to squish my jack-o-lanterns! I might have to talk to the alumni association for my high school about getting a custom statue of the school mascot or maybe an animatronics of the mascot for the homecoming float, I’m sure that customdisplaystatues.com could make something cool for that!

That would make for a cool homecoming float. don’t get me started on the amount of Christmas decorations that customdisplaystatues.com could make! I seen one they created, was a whole team of animatronic santas dancing around! I could just imagine a team of reindeer singing and dancing to various pop songs! ha! or a custom statue of the nativity scene would be perfect for the church. That may be my next donation I do believe.

New Company Gets the Message Across with ‘ Interactive Statues Southampton, NY- From talking Cows to original Hollywood Award Statues, a new and unique company in Long Island is making animation magic for clients all over the world.

The growth industry of animatronics talking, moving statues has been fueled by film and interactive media. Competition for attention getting advertising is high, so Custom-Statues.com, run by three native New Yorkers, has begun creating custom figures for it’s impressive roster of clients from HGTV to Harrah’s Casino Resort, designers Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs to mention a few.

“Nothing gets attention like a custom or animated statue,” says artist Davis Murphy, one of the founders. “A talking monkey telling Rodney Dangerfield jokes or a 10 foot crocodile that chomps and hisses while thrashing it’s tail will stop anyone in their tracks. The other great quality about our products is that we produce ‘ exactly ‘ what the customer wants.”

Pizza restaurants have been thrilled. “We offer advertising props for Pizzerias that no other company makes,” says co-founder prop designer Lawrence Schaeffer. We made a custom two-sided 6 ft. outdoor pizza slice for one of the busiest Italian restaurants in Manhattan.

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