If you are looking for a good forex robot then you need to know this fact that most robots don’t trade a lot. This is a frequent problem that you will come accross from the enthusiast forex robot traders. Many complain in different forums that their robot has not made a trade in the last few weeks.

Now, when you visit a forex robot website, the developer of that forex robot will very proudly show you how the robot had made a whopping $5,568 in one trade. But the developer will not mention how many trades did the robot make in one month or what was the duration of that trade.

Whatever, your purpose of trading is to make your trading capital grow at a steady pace. Now,you bought the robot with the hope that it will help grow the trading account. But what if the robot did not trade in the whole month or maybe made 2-3 trades in the whole month making only 10 pips. 10 pips on a standard lot means $100.

You won’t get rich by making $100 each month. What you need is an expert advisor (EA) that can trade rapidly each day. How about making 8-10 winning trades in a day instead of in a year? Well, there is one such robot that is being called Forex Shockwave by it’s developers.

You see, the developers of forex shockwave conducted a survey in which hundreds of frustrated traders took part. The ultimate outcome of the online survey was that most traders were complaining that their EA does not trade a lot or does not trade frequently.

So, the developers of Forex Shockwave went about developing a hyper trading robot that could trade frantically all day piling up cash in your trading account. How does it sound? Well, it sounds good as long as the robot does not start making one losing trade after another.

Forex Shockwave robot has been developed to make multiple trades a day unlike most other robots that keep on waiting for the right market conditions. When the markets become volatile, these robots stay clear of the market. So, when do they trade? They trade when the market is perfect. This means seldom.

On the other hand Forex Shockwave can trade both long term as well as short term. It trades on two currency pairs that hedges the risk further. What you need to do is to try Forex Shockwave on your demo account RISK FREE for 60 days.

Testing a robot on your demo account is always a good idea. This way, you don’t get your finger burnt and get hurt. First test this robot on your demo account. You can do that for 60 days that is 8 weeks which should be enough for you to know how does this robot trade in actual reality. Only trade live with a robot once, you are satisfied with it’s demo account performance.  If it really makes 8-10 winning trades each and every day as is being claimed by the developers of Forex Shockwave, you are on your way to becoming rich soon! Good luck with your Forex Shockwave testing!

Source by Ahmad Hassam