Whether you are a student, a busy mom, a freelancer, or someone with a regular full-time job, you could still be able to earn money through these online jobs. Because these are online jobs, oftentimes, you have control of your workplace and time. You may even take these jobs for part-time or full-time. Either way, these are free ways to make money online:

1. Blogging. This is, by far, the most popular way of approaching through the Internet. Blogs are very easy to create and maintain because you do not need to write in certain formats or be required to update it everyday.

Blogging is, technically, just keeping a diary or a journal. The only difference is that blogs get to be read by many people worldwide and they could make you money. Your chances in earning do rely on your blog's traffic though.

2. Article-writing. It does not really matter if you are a professional writer or not. What matters, is your ability to write incredible articles that may interest potential clients and audience. Some clients provide topics for you to write about; others, however, prefer anything with their chosen keywords on it. Article-writing is not just limited to SEO or search engine optimization and online forums. Articles may also be submitted to online publications such as online magazines and digests. You may also write articles for social media websites.

3. Audio-editing. This kind of job is fairly easy to learn and high in demand. You just have to smooth out recorded interviews, podcasts, or any other kind of audio. Editing unnecessary words and adding music to such audio makes it sound more audible and appealing to listeners.

4. Sell stock photos. People are constantly in need of photos that have to appear in websites, presentations, and advertisements. If you have stock photos that you think will interest these people, try to sell them to earn some cash. You, too, do not have to submit typical photos only because some people need photos that are weird or eccentric.

5. Write reviews. Writing reviews of different items are fun and easy. Often, items such as beauty products, health supplements, and books are the ones to be reviewed. Movies and daily television shows are also frequently reviewed. By writing reviews, you are able to express your thoughts and feelings about these products; hence, letting other people know your opinion which may be able to help improve these products and earning money as well.

6. Sell your stuff online. A variety of sites promote selling and trading of different items. Clothes, shoes, books, and gadgets are often found here. Most items are used but still good, so you may find great bargains.

7. Join logo and design contests. These are other free ways to make money online. You do not need to pay any fee to be able to participate in such contests. Joining such competitions also help build an aspiring designer's portfolio and give him ideas on what companies want. However, you can only have money if your piece won; there are consensus prices sometimes though.

Well, these free ways to make money online are proven legal and effective. You just have to find the right clients and trusted sites for you to become successful in these kinds of jobs.

Source by Paul D Johnson