A busy office that may be understaffed still needs to have their phones manned in order for the business to function efficiently. Missed messages can mean missed revenue or the opportunity to make a sale. When there is not enough in the budget to hire a receptionist or you are a sole proprietor, a phone message service may just be the ticket to what you need to make sure you get all your messages in a timely fashion and can respond to them quickly.

A phone message service acts as a virtual receptionist, where your phones are routed to a call center and are taken by a live operator who is trained in handling your calls the way you want them to be handled. Perhaps you have staff that can handle some call volume, but when the volume gets heavy, you need to have a backup system in place so that all calls can be taken in a timely manner. A live phone answering service can handle the overflow with live operators who are trained to take messages and relay them back to your office to the appropriate party. Ideally, there will be a number of ways for you to get your messages, either through voice mail, fax, email, or having the live operator relay them back to you. Having this kind of coverage can make a difference on the bottom line and also on the smooth flow of communication from your customers to your office.

Phone messaging services can also handle many aspects of your business that require a live operator. Order taking and order processing are just two very important business functions that can be handled by a phone messaging service. Whether you have a customer service department in place or not, you can have these kinds of calls routed to a call center and all of the details will be handled by a live operator trained to handle these types of calls and have the information relayed back to you.

Other functions a phone message service can handle for you are appointment setting and event registration. If you have a busy sales operation and are running advertisements, a phone message service can handle the appointment setting function for you in an efficient manner and in a way that your business phone lines are not tied up. If your company is sponsoring an event, you can create a special number for event registration that will automatically be forwarded to the call center where the live operator will handle the registration process. A phone message service can handle a large volume of calls like these for a busy business that needs to concentrate on core business matters.

Source by Kurt Duncan