ETFo's founders state that they started up because of a gut feeling the forex market should, and could, be accessible to ordinary people and not just professionally trained forex traders. They believed that all that was standing between a home force trader and the forex market were needlessly complicated charts and graphs and intimidating lingo.

As a result they created a simple to use and easily accessible trading platform that uses simple visualisations and professional forex analysis tools. The result is a forex trading platform enabling ordinary people to access the forex marketplace and concentrate on their trading styles rather than mastering complicated software.

Etoro went further though. They also provided provided novice and home traders with tools to help them learn about forex trading and gain confidence before going live with forex trading. These tools include forex trading guides, tutorials and a demo mode where they can practice and see their progress.

However, they have not compromised in any respect the tools a professional forex trader needs to have at their disposal. They offer reliable real time execution of trades, over 10 currency pairs to trade in, with bottom low spreads of 2 pips for most of them, along with various charts and charting tools, and leverages ranged from 1:10 to 1: 400.

The software which is free to download and start using, also allows users to interact with each other in chat rooms and forums. And they offer a 24 hour professional and friendly support team. I recommend after downloading the software you take the opportunity to find out for yourself by calling them for assistance or advice.

Etoro is now a leader in the field of online forex trading and their ground breaking software is a benchmark in the industry.

Source by Craig Summer