High Yield Investment Programs or HYIP are programs that are meant to take a small amount of money and turn it into huge profits over night and, according to some claims, in minutes. Sounds enticing, does it not? Of course it does! Most everyone wants a shortcut to wealth. Unfortunately, most HYIP’s are nothing more than ponzi schemes that are thinly disguised as legitimate investment opportunities. Invesco Trade HYIP is no different.

But what is a ponzi scheme in the first place? Like most of these frauds, Invesco Trade HYIPS follows the same plan. They lure investors to invest by promising high yields on the investment placed. People that enter into the program in the beginning get paid by those who come in later. This makes it appear as though money is being made. Everything seems good until no new people join, thus ending the cash flow into the scam.

Remember – if the claims of the HYIP is too good to be true, it probably is. So what is the deal with Invesco Trade HYIP? Is it any different than any of the others available? There is no real yes or no answer. Real stocks are traded on the open market by private or publicly held companies and are registered with the SEC.

The Invesco Trade HYIP program claims to use complex statistical mathematics to deduce the maximum profit one can make. They also invest only 50% of the total capital. They hold on to the rest “just in case”.

Invesco has been working for years, or so they claim, in researching within the walls of a large brokerage company (which they never mention). This experience has given them the wisdom to go into capital management. They analyzed around the clock to figure out just when the perfect time would be to enter into and get out of the markets. This is where the Invesco Trade HYIP comes about. They opened their program up to help the common person make money from day trading in the FOREX market. They also say that your money will not be at risk if you just happen to listen to them.

They never invest more than 10% in one market – this allows them to hedge their investments in case one fails and one pays off. It is more of a gamble than a sound investment practice. They will not risk more than 5% of your money on any one action just in case one of their gambles is not paying off like they would have hoped.

They take “risk norm” to a new level by using their trading principals to decide on what position to take and what stop orders to issue. The Ivesco Trade HYIP program tries to find compromises in order to diversify as well as to concentrate on. They claim 5 years of success in their trading actions.

The Invesco Trade HYIP program seems simple. They take your money and divide it into several markets (in hope to garner some winnings). They claim all this success but have no serious proof. They claim they developed their Invesco Trade HYIP Program by spending time at a large form – but never tell you the firm. As stated earlier any legitimate trader buys stock from SEC registered companies. The Invesco Trade HYIP program does not seem to think it is important to tell its clients what they are investing.

Investing has no guarantees and as such you should not trust anyone who gives you big money guarantees. Research any company fully – do not waste your money on false promises.

Source by Brian Garvin