With people’s health being such a key issue worldwide, with Governments making it a priority topic when it comes to political debates, it’s perhaps not surprising that companies like Melaleuca are flourishing so much. Offering health and wellness products that can help you with ailments such as arthritis and similar, the company is growing at a tremendous rate.

Much of this is down to the affiliate program that Melaleuca runs. For a set amount, not only can you be a customer of the company but you can also become a “partner”, who benefits from the sales of the Melaleuca range, as well as any additional commission methods.

This can range from becoming a sponsor for another sales person, who has joined via your affiliate link, or by having enough people under you where you can let them earn your commissions for you.

There’s no doubting that the Melaleuca system can work – after all, the products that they are selling is what everyone is looking for. Health and wellness has never been such big business, and Melaleuca has tapped into it at just the right time. Over 20 years in business, Melaleuca now offers over 350 products for the normal consumer to choose from. Although the prices are a little bit more expensive than your normal drugstore equivalent, generally the additional cost is worth it.

When it comes to making money as an affiliate of Melaleuca (or Marketing Executive, as they like to call their affiliates), it’s reasonably straightforward. You pay a signing on fee of around $90,as well as setting up your own product account. The reason for that is that to qualify for any payments, you need to earn 35 product points per month (each product has a points-to-dollar value and is calculated accordingly). It’s here that the Melaleuca dream starts to crumble a little.

To earn 35 points, you actually have to purchase around $80 worth of products. Although you will then be eligible for a discount of around 30-40%, this amount has to be reached EVERY month, whether you need products or not. Melaleuca state that you can easily cover these points if you sign up enough members underneath you, as their points will go towards your target.

Yet here lies the problem – although Melaleuca state that they are not like other MLM Internet marketing companies, and that they won’t force you to sign people up, it’s the only way that you’re going to make any money whatsoever. To put the figures into real perspective, it would take at least a hundred people underneath you to make any kind of decent money, and that’s only if they’re being productive as well.

There’s no doubting that for some people, Melaleuca will certainly reward them handsomely, and those people will probably be the ones that you see all the testimonials from about how the company will change your financial lifestyle. If you can afford to buy stuff that you don’t need on a monthly basis, and don’t mind pestering friends and colleagues to join up with you, then there is a chance that Melaleuca will work for you as well. If that’s not the case, it’s probably better to look at other options when it comes to making online income.

Source by Brian Garvin