The main purpose of an automated forex trading system is to help new trader to make profit from forex trading without actually knowing anything about Forex at all.

Today, many new trader like to use an automated trading system in their trading. With these automated trading system, the trader do not have to require any previous experience or skills, do not involve high risk, do not require hours in front of computer and the most important, it can generate a 6 figure per year income.

Forex Humanoid EA (Expert Advisor) is a fully automated trading system. This robot was developed by a team of professional real forex expert . Their vision is to developed a new fully automated trading system that they and other people could actually make a living from and a new piece of forex software which has never been seen before.

Forex Humanoid is difference than other forex trading system because it’s is an intra day trader, with scalper’s power and long term trader’s results. This EA robot do not trade every day, or even every week. But it still will give a stable positive results, with a 99.1% winning rate and almost no risk, that would allow you to use it on real live account without any worries or fear of losing your invested capital because of a couple of losing trades.

During last 12 months from 1st June 2008 until 1st June 2009, Forex Humanoid robot have been tested using live forex account with startup capital of $10,000 and it have produced a 29 winning trades and zero losses and turned $10,000 into $103,085.34.

The Benefit’s of Forex Humanoid EA (Expert Advisor) is:

1) It is 100% fully automated EA system.

2) It trades only few hours a day but with a big winning trades.

3) The system work in all market conditions and almost all currency pairs.

4) No need experience because the system is very easy to use. Even if you never traded forex in your life, you will still be able to make money using this system.

5) It is also have a built-in money management software that will keep you investment safe. In the other way, you can test it as much as you want until you 100% confident about it without risking money at all.

6) 24/7 unlimited support – Forex Humanoid customer support team is available anytime you need assistance.

7) High winning rate and low risk – Forex Humanoid can work with any startup capital and there is no need for a lot of money to get started.

8) It is most rewarding forex automated trading system ever because it can grow up the initial investment up to hundreds of times.

The entire Forex Humanoid EA system is available for $97. The original price is actually $297, and the price $97 is for the first 500 copies only. The price will go back to $297 when 500 copies have been sold out. This package also gives the following free bonuses to buyers(which are collectively worth $913.94):

1) Forex Humanoid Manual System – This manual system is a trading system based on the core of Forex Humanoid robot. It is a plug and play step by step system.

2) The Beginners Guide to Forex e-book.

3) One More Zero System – One More Zero system is a great system that also have been use by Forex Humanoid designer for quite sometime with excellent results.

4) The Forex Bible e-book.

5) Unlimited Support and Coaching – Whenever user have any question,Forex Humanoid Team will be one email away. The user are guaranteed to succeed using the Forex Humanoid EA system.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee with the product. If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the product,they can return the product and claim a complete refund of what they have paid for it and the best part is they still can keep the free bonuses worth of $913.94.

Source by Ahmad Kamal Abdul Rahman