Zedbull is a multi purpose transponder programmer tool. It can identify all type of transponders used in vehicle immobiliser systems, It can clone transponders, programme transponder from immobiliser units, programme transponder and remotes via OBD II port and it can generate dealer keys from blank transponders. With these features it is a unique transponder device in THE WORLD.

Here are some of it’s applications:


Biggest advantage of zedbull is: it uses all type of blank transponders, it does not restrict users to one type of transponder. zedbull gives the widest options for blank transponder which makes it an universal cloner.

-It can clone all type of fixed coded transponders:

1. It can clone 4C texas fixed coded transponders to TPX1, Electronic head and Z4C(batteryless glass zedbull transponder).It can clone Philips crypto transponders

2.Clone some of 40 Opel transponders to T5 up to 2002.

3.Clone all 41 Nissan transponders onto Precoded 41 or universal precoded 44

4.Clone all 42 VAG transponders to 42 or blank Pcf7935

5.Clone unlocked(VAG and Ford Galaxy) transponders to precoded 44 transponders

6.Clone all 45 Peugeot transponders to precoded 45 or to universal precoded 44 transponders

It can clone all 4D(texas Crypto) transponders to batteryless TPX2 or to Electronic head(clone via internet connection or optionally without internet connection using internal 4D stand alone board)


1.zedbull has 76 different modules.

2.It is possible to programme keys when all keys are lost

3.It is possible to add keys

4.It is possible to extract pin code

5.It is possible to prepare vehicle specific dealer key

These applications use all blank transponder which you can find easily in the market.

Vehicle brand and model year, original transponder type, transponder to be used, immobiliser unit picture, immobiliser unit circuit board picture, location of the IC which holds transponder and/or pin code information on the immobiliser board, direction of the IC on the board, key blade picture, are all given for each module, which helps user to do the job easily and without any mistake.

Automatic module number recognition(smart recognition) for each module.


1.It is not possible to use blank transponders for OBD programming. Only keys ordered from dealer can be programmed to vehicles via OBD II port. Or zedbull can generate dealer keys from blank transponders for most of the vehicle brands and models.

2.Ordering keys from dealer is money and time consuming and not possible all the time. Generating dealer transponder from blank transponders with zedbull saves your time and Money.

3.No need to stock various types of transponders, just few types of blank transponders is enough to convert to necessary transponder when needed.


It is not always possible to clone transponders or programme transponders using Eeprom and Mcu applications. zedbull OBD cables enable zedbull users to programme keys and remotes on the vehicle via OBD II port. Biggest disadvantage of OBD programming is pin code(security access code), most of the time it is not possible to get pin code from dealer. Luckily zedbull can extract pin codes via OBD for most of the vehicles. Here are the supported vehicle brands with zedbull OBD cables:



-VAG(VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat)






Zedbull can be used stand alone without need of Pc, for some applications pc and pc software is required. Here are some of Pc Software’s usefull applications:

1.Eeprom and Mcu applications

2.Hyundai-Kia vin top in converter

3.Mercedes Master key programmer. This software can generate transponder which is ready to start the vehicle for MErcedes C, E, G classes between model year 1995 and 1998.. No need to remove anything from vehicle, no need to programme via OBD. Just programming transponder and turning ignition on is enough.

4.Unlock 48 Megamos crypto(Magic II) transponders

5.Produce unlockable VAG can bus transponder from virgin can bus transponder. So that they can be used again and again.

6.Option for not locking TPX2 transponders, so that they can be used again and again.

7.Generate back up eeprom dump from working key or pin code for Renault system 1(using 33 transponder) vehicles.

8.Virginise some of used remotes, like Renault and Opel Remotes(with 46 transponder)

9.Prepare dealer key from blank transponders for various types of vehicles.

10.Database, where user can save customer transponder information, key cuts, customer contact details for future service.

11.Key-fob application where user can find manual(on-board) remote programming procedures for various types of vehicles.

12.Transponder catalogue, where user can find vehicle models and matching transponder types.

13.Transponder cross reference, where user can find transponder references for different cloners.

14.Hex editor where user can display and edit binary files. Mostly used for Eeprom dump displaying and editing.

15.Trnasponder programmers, where user can edit memory of transponders like, hitag 2(46), Pcf7930/31/35, Texas Dst(4D) and Megamos crypto(48). With these programmers users can make their own researches and developments about transponders.


1.Continuous updates

2.Online firmware and pc software update in seconds.


1.Ability to write on to blank original BMW remote keys(with 33 rolling transponder)

2.Show mileage, vin and key slot from customer key, for 33 rolling BMW keys and remote keys.

3.Calculate pin code from customer auto key programmer for 33 Renault transponders, 45 Peugeot transponder, 4D(60-64) Renault transponders.

Source by Maggie