A lot of people are very time conscious. They make sure that everything they do is worthwhile and worthy of their time. On the other hand, there are people who do not care much about the amount of time they spend on useless things. Time is gold, remember?

So how do you make use of your time specifically if you are online or using the Internet? This is when you are very late to get driven of doing a lot of things that is very effective in wasting your time.

Instead of doing these things, why do not you try to check out paid opinion opportunities or any kind of part-time online job? Maybe you are not aware of these things. Before we go into that, let's first talk about the most common online "time-wasters".

Things You Do Online That Are a Total Waste of Time

Online Gaming – A lot of us get driven to play games our computer keyboard. There are a lot of games that we can see online. Some would just try them but will ever get hooked and would spend more and more time doing it without even noticing. Addicted online gamers can spend the whole day just playing online games and not bother about eating and sleeping. While it is very unhealthy, online gaming is a total waste of time.

Social Networking Sites – Sure they can be used for a lot of things that could bring your own benefits like being able to connect with your families abroad or friends from someplace. But on most occasions, people spend their precious time stalking somebody, expressing all their appointments on their Facebook walls or digging the latest gossip.

Chatting – This is another thing that could be taken online. While its main purpose is positive, it can actually lead to abuse like like using it for gossiping and talking about useless things with a total stranger. A lot of people do that.

On the other hand, there many other things that you can do online which can be considered as time-worthy:

Job Hunting – Instead of wasting your time online doing the things mentioned above, why do not you try to hunt for part-time jobs? (if you are already employed) There is a huge database for jobs you can get and do online. Examples are surveys, writing jobs, paid opinions, logo design, online marketing and many more. You can do these part-time or full-time. Use the Internet to make money to supplement your regular salary.

Working Online – A lot of people are doing this slowly. Many have given up their regular office-based jobs and decided to work online from home using the Internet and a PC.

Social Connection – You can use the Internet to connect with people. But oftentimes, this is once to abuse.

Remember to use your time on worth things. Use the Internet on your advantage.

Source by Sam Parker