AdSense is a Google sponsored program where you will be able to advertise the various products or even sites. Many companies that take part in the Google Ad words program pay money to Google to make their businesses popular. Google in turn has the Google AdSense program where you can display these advertisements on your web site or your blog and Google will pay you for this each time a visitor to your site clicks on the program.

There are many site owners and blog owners who try to make some extra income by clicking on the advertisements in their own web page. They may also promote others to click on these advertisements by giving incentives. All these are not acceptable to Google and so Google bans the people who try to do this.

In such cases, there can be many sites that have no method of making an income. This makes it necessary for you to know about the Google AdSense alternatives so that you can display these advertisements on your site.

There are various other such alternatives and they are listed here:

1. AdBrite: AdBrite is one of the Google alternatives that has a pay per click program and is very similar to the Google AdSense program. These have different kinds of advertisements including text advertisements and banners.

2. Yahoo Publisher Network: This is the much touted program similar to that of Google AdSense that is still not available all over the world. It is present only in the United States and so cannot be used by people living in other parts of the world.

3. Infolinks: the Infolinks are a different kind of advertisements in the sense that they have an in text advertisement incorporated. Here the text in the content is underlined and when the user clicks on it or places the cursor over the word, the advertisement is displayed. This seems to be a better option as it does not look like an advertisement, and also does not interfere with the content in the web page.

4. Bidvertiser: This is another program that is very similar to the AdSense program and has text advertisements that look very similar to the AdSense advertisements. They also have the option of banner advertisements that can be added to your site.

There are also many other programs that are all Google AdSense alternatives and they include programs like Chitika, Clicksor, AdToll, Widget Bucks and many other such programs.

Source by Jason Fulton