Affiliate Compensation Disclosure is one of several new guidelines that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will bring on line on December 1, 2009.  This new rule will affect everyone who is an internet marketer, blogger or website business owner in the U.S. who has affiliate links on their sites.

The Affiliate Compensation Disclosure states that if you have a "material connection" between your website and an affiliate, you must state that you are an affiliate and may "receive compensation for advertising or for reviewing the product in your blog or website."

While the new FTC Guides will be put in place to protect consumers from fraudulent claims and misleading advertising, it still may be costly for an innocent blogger or hapless website owner through fines and sanctions levied by the FTC. While the old adage "caveat emptor"(let the buyer beware) may now be a thing of the past with this new FTC ruling, you (blogger or website owners with affiliate links) need to be cautious and protect your interests. The new adage may well become "caveat venditor" (let the seller beware).

Some questions you need to ask yourself:

 1. How can I protect myself and my blog or website from the new FTC Guides? Your choice is to consult an internet lawyer or use a software program to generate the needed legal forms.

 2. Are there other forms I need on my blog or website other than the Affiliate Compensation Discloure Statement? Yes. You should also have Terms and
Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Anti-Spam Policy, External Links Policy, Earnings Disclaimer, Affiliate Agreement, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice.
 3. Where can I get the forms? Again, you can consult an internet lawyer or use a software program to generate the forms.

 4. Why use a software program? Cost would be the main reason.

 5. What software program can I use? One program is The Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Package created by Michael Young that addresses the protection 
issue from the FTC ruling.

Michael Young is well qualified to offer his software solution as he is an Internet Lawyer and President of the Internet Attorneys Association LLC. He also created a software suite called the Website Legal Forms Generator that includes seven legal forms (mentioned in question 2) that each internet marketer should have on their websites. Currently, the Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Package based on the new FTC guidelines is offered as a bonus in the Website Legal Forms Generator software. This bonus can be discontinued at anytime.

How do you put the forms on your websites? You can access these programs by installing Website Legal Forms Generator on your desktop, clicking the icon, answering a few questions and clicking the generate button to prepare your documents. Website Legal Forms Generator also gives you a reference guide to answer questions about use and installation of the software. They offer help with any question that is just an e-mail away. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The Affiliate Compensation Disclosure legal form is a separate form and may require different set up options.

How do I know about these products? I tried them and put them on all of my websites. I liked the product so much, I became an affiliate for them.

The new FTC policy is coming! Your choice is to hire an internet lawyer or use a software program like the Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Package and
Website Legal Forms Generator. You need to protect yourself and protect your sites.

Source by Dan Counts