Affiliate Marketing is one form of an online home business and getting started without guidance can make life a bit harder for a person.  Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook is an e-course especially developed to guide and lead any person to get started in making money online.  It is not to say a person won’t be able to start an online business without guidance but having some form of path to follow might save precious time that can be put to better use.  Ignorance is the real culprit that scam systems prey on and this e-course claims to accurately represent the purpose of the course without misleading a person.

Affiliate Marketing Schoolbook certainly does not lay claims that starting an online affiliate marketing business is easy with overnight success but rather advocates the fact that effort and hard work is required.  People want to see immediate results due to the nature of the internet but the course does not claim to provide these results as with any business an online work from home business is just that, a business that needs to be build up and worked on. Working hard and don’t give up is a simple philosophy the course preaches with regards to starting an affiliate marketing business.

Laura Burke developed this e-course and she claims that having spent money on scam systems that claim a person can quickly and without effort make money online inspired her to design this course.  The e-course consists of two hundred and seventy pages of step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques a person needs to set up an affiliate marketing business.  The only requirement a person needs, as with most programs is basic computer skills.  To make the course manageable so a person can learn at your own pace, it is broken up into fifty five lessons that consist of various tasks, worksheets and checklists to keep track of the progress made.  Laura offers email assistance and the course comes with two bonuses; an e-book called twenty ways to build traffic to your web site and more so buying the course enables a person to one years worth of free web hosting.

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Source by Chris Cameron