You must Check this In-depth Afofee Review, Never join this Afofee Scam. There’s plenty of evidence that shows this Afofee Plan isn’t quite as clean as it makes out. In fact – Afofee company is a scam. Read on for proofs! ***

For quite a few years Afofee Plan have been shamelessly self-promoting their system to potential new clients. There’s been peaks and troughs but on a whole they’ve been growing pretty steadily ever since they were founded. The Afofee is an international company that – as we’ll see – is rather secretive about who owns regional branches. In fact everything about it screams of being one enormous Multi-level marketing scam that has already fleeced quite a number of their clients of their investments. Even many of those who have worked hard under the Afofee system, performing all the tasks and posting required, find themselves making much less that what was expected. Here’s a number of reasons why people should think thrice – not twice – about whether the Afofee program is really worth the investment.

*** Recent News Developments Regarding Social Trade ***

Before getting stuck into this Afofee Review article, it’s important to quickly mention the potential collapse of Social Trader who until now have been one of Afofee’s main competitors. Just a couple of days ago (at time of writing) police raided and arrested three of the head honchos behind the Social Trader Scam. They have been since released but are still under serious investigation. Why? Simply because of allegations made by many users that they weren’t receiving the number of links promised in the details of their investment packages. Many proved to be false or dead, meaning they could never recoup their invested capital within the 12 month period before the expiry of their account lease.

Is Afofee Scam MLM ? Important Afofee Review With Facts !!

Furthermore early indications are that it’s very possible much of the invested capital has been siphoned out of the company and into private personal accounts associated with the Afofee site owners. In essence they stink of having been a pyramid scheme – especially with their mandatory referrals policy – and now is the time to take a serious look at the true intent of their rivals, in the case the glaringly suspicious Afofee program.

Scam Website :

A Quick Analysis of What Afofee Promise It’s Customers !

Although I suspect the vast majority of readers will already know how the Afofee Review system operates, let’s quickly recap so we’re all on the same playing ground. What we have here is a Afofee company who expect users to pay them a fee, and in return click links and make social media/website comments praising the company (regardless of personal opinion). It’s slightly duplicitous but a well-known and at face value totally legal means of online affiliate marketing.

Users are expected to pay a sum that relates to the number of links they will be provided per day. The figures are all on their Afofee Review website (and account options open/close at regular intervals) but they guarantee that their links will return users a 250%+ return on their capital within five & a half months – which is the maximum duration that any package is permitted to run for. After that time period users have to reinvest once more.

Payout of earned monies is allegedly performed every day, work is available 7-days a week, and there’s also a variety of specialist features which promise to earn even more money. We’ll get to this later, but right away let’s address the major issue with this affiliate/pyramid system.

The Afofee Plan Links & Work Are Erratic At Best!

Earnings on each account are capped at Rs.19500/day, however individual users are permitted to open as many accounts as they wish providing they pay the fees. Now that might not sound so bad providing the actual work was there, but the reality is that there’s many Afofee review customers who find that they simply don’t receive working links to comment upon. You need to read the small print buried very deep inside the client contract to see that in-between the lines, they promise only to provide work – but by no means a quantity that will ensure a certain profit upon the invested funds.

Yet they’re more than happy to make the whole ‘double and a half your deposit’ there major headline throughout entire sections of the Afofee website! With any luck readers will now be starting to think to themselves that this is sounding all a little suspect. Those with any doubt will find masses of disgruntled former customers online who entirely back this up – but once again there’s a catch with this crafty scam.

The Afofee Website’s Team Are Experts At Self Promoting Scam !!

Afofee Scam

Seriously whoever is really behind the Afofee system really does know what they’re doing when it comes to web marketing and SEO exploitation? This is exactly why the overwhelming number of Afofee reviews available online are overwhelmingly positive – and it’s all about encouraging more investors to join their pyramid for them to exploit. After all when you have an army of people signed up to promote links already, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to use them to enhance the profile of your own business?

You’ll find most of the lambasting Afofee reviews and comments actually in the comments section of the glowing overwhelmingly positive ones. From a technical point of view it’s seriously impressive, and they clearly employ real experts to make sure they get great – yet false – press on every platform.

Dig deep enough – way, way down Google rankings – and you’ll find forums dedicated to people disgruntled at the treatment and financial losses that Afofee Plan caused them to experience. You can bet that because these sites are so hard to find, they’re the tip of the iceberg – a tiny percentage – of those who have otherwise just cut their losses and ties with the company.

Never Refer Members to Afofee : Afofee INDIA is SCAM MLM Company ! Proofs !

This is one aspect of Afofee System that really is pretty sketchy. On their main website they make it clear that unlike Social Trader and others there’s no obligation for member to refer other people to join the program. However you bet it sure works out in your favor if you do! Earnings are enhanced by 8% on both direct and binary (1:1) platforms, and it can safely be said that those who do recruit new users will be rewarded with superior links and service. This is how literally every affiliate marketing scheme works – and there’s absolutely no reason why it should be different here.

Check out some of the comment sections for the suspect positive Afofee reviews that are all over the place. In the vast majority there will be people commenting not about the article or even that often the service in general, instead there’s an overwhelming of people wanting people to join their line in the pyramid. Likely many of these individuals will be pretty desperate to gain this personal advantage, and have many recruits so far. Does that sound like the way a respectable business is supposed to operate? Depends on your approach but it looks ever more likely that Afofee India is indeed a scam MLM company to me.


Note:- Social Trader Biz is Same System Like Afofee !!


But Afofee’s Plans &Profits Don’t End There! More Scam Tactics Reviewed !

Afofee Review

Don’t forget that Afofee India will be making good money working for promoting their clients. It’s true they have plenty of companies registered with them, and the fees for their services are generally via their corporate website and by application only. They do this in order to mask the simple fact that the amount they pay out to their legion of workers is pennies compared to how much they earn running the show. So not only do they have income from their clients, but also their workers’ pay to maybe work for them!

In a sense Afofee Plan is a very feudal system. They hold all the aces, and apparently they can do a pretty good job for those they promote – but as with literally everything about this company take it with a hefty ‘pinch of salt’. It’s almost impossible to know what to believe with these guys and what is little short of exploitative scamming. Either way you can bet they’ll be making a huge amount more proportionally than the average ‘customer’ they recruit. If that sounds unfair – it’s because it is.

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The Afofee Membership System Is Blatantly Exploitative !!

It’s worth mentioning this here. The last thing we wish to do is promote this Afofee service, but as alluded to above there are referral and binary formats that ought to also be raised quickly.

With the Direct Referral Approach – you receive 8% of any capital someone you convince to join the Afofee Plan. That can range from not much at all to a healthy return on your own deposit. Those monies are yours right away! So in theory it’s very possible to make a good sum by flogging this system to others, but you know what that makes you? A SCAMMER! There’s no other way of putting it, people will never make back their own deposit unless they get more sign ups of their own. Obviously this accrues until the whole Afofee Login and system pops and collapses, with only those who joined early or basically lacking much in the sense of moral fiber making a serious return.

All this happens while those running the scam make many times on the backs of your labor.

Afofee System

The binary system is slightly different. In this case you actually leech consistently off the income from your own recruits. Afofee Review Program don’t discuss this much, but at again 8%/account any budding gang masters out there can earn an equally moral free amount with even putting in any effort on their own part. To put it simply this is a great tool for confidence tricksters, until of course the whole house of cards collapses down on top of you.


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Conclusion :- The Afofee Website Is A Major MLM Scam !!

It should be blindly obvious by now that the truth behind Afofee Review System is very different from the service that they advertise. Sure they’ll happily use the services they need when required, hang onto those precious Afofee Company Account fees, and make sure their business expands on the backs of those they’ve already ripped off. It does take until you’ve committed to this Afofee scam for it to become how apparent how exploitative and unpleasant the system is; but anyone thinking they’ll be making the kind of returns they claim by tapping a few buttons on their phone each day is really very wrong indeed.

Truth of the matter is that this Afofee Plan is a sheer scam. Unless you’re planning on ripping of friends and family, this really shouldn’t be a suitable option for anyone. With any luck they’ll also be investigated soon too, after all secrets of this size can only be technologically suppressed for so long.


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