When many people hear about Alaska cruise vacations, they likely think of a 2000-passenger packed ship, 7 or 8 stories tall. Or maybe you think of shopping centers, movie theaters, and even casino gambling. In fact, you would be right to an extent. In addition to Alaska cruise vacations that have all the previously noted features, numerous other cruising possibilities exist.

There are lots of Alaska cruise vacations that take place on smaller ships, which offer more intimate cruising facilities and accommodations. These can offer the rare opportunity to be both more affordable and enjoyable. It simply depends on what you have to spend and the kind of experience you want to have. Each type of cruise vacation to Alaska has something unique to offer. If you have a large travel budget, an Alaskan cruise package on one of the big ships might make sense for you.

But a cruise to Alaska on one of the smaller vessels is the right choice if you want to get close to nature and you also have a limited budget. Cruise vacations to Alaska on smaller ships will give you a very special experience with lots more personal attention. They bring you much nearer to shore so you can get closer to the wildlife. The smaller ships have access to smaller docks, unlike the bigger ships which are prohibited because of their size. On shore trips are included in the basic charge with these kinds of Alaskan cruise packages.

The smaller ships wont offer the shopping, gambling and movie cinemas of course. But if you’d enjoy a more romantic vacation with personalized service, try one of the smaller vessels that offer Alaska cruise tours. Of course, most Alaska cruise vacations aboard a large cruise ship will cost a lot more. It will not allow you to view wildlife close at hand. The most you can look forward to is seeing is some bald eagles and perhaps a few humpback whales.

Cruise packages for Alaska on the big ships don’t include onshore excursions, so you’ll have to pay extra for these kinds of things. You might not realize this until after you’ve gotten your final bill. You will realize that all the little things added up to be a large cost.

But one must admit that cruises to Alaska on the luxury liners are a very grand affair and offer amenities you won’t find on smaller vessels. They offer every conceivable amenity, like spas, casinos, nightclubs, movies, even shopping malls.

You can enjoy a private deck and lounge, and they have swimming pools also. So, it really boils down to what your idea of the perfect vacation to Alaska is. People who take Alaska cruise tours will find that the smaller ships allow them to reach places that they have no hope of ever visiting if they had chosen a big ship. But small ships only carry about 100 passengers compared with about 2000 on a large ship, so they fill up fast. Therefore, you should book Alaska cruise vacations as soon as you can.

Source by KJ Ross