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All That You Need To Boost Your Trading Profitability


Trading ProfitabilityAre you the ones who keenly follow the news to devise your profitable market movements? Then, we are sorry to say, it isn’t going to offer you the desirous profitability anymore because it is all about the ‘Mood of the Twitter’ when it comes to your profitable trading executions. To say it in better words, it is those Twitter tweets you should be sifting to quickly garner the critical market movements if your desire is to enjoy a successful trading outcome. Even then your share of success is not guaranteed because your human power is no match for the lightning speed of the trading bots that intercept the Twitter tweets more swiftly and more accurately to execute the profitable trading solutions.

Indeed, the growing popularity of the bot’s way of trading practice has paved way for greater innovation in this field that led to the birth of ‘Twitter reading bots’! Such Twitter-reading-robots are believed to have caused the stock price of Lockheed Martin to plummet drastically after quickly intercepting the growing tweets about the Zacks Investment Research downgrade of Lockheed Martin Stock. While these tweets happened around at 8:00 A.M, within the next 20 minutes that is at 8:20 A.M the Lockheed Martin’s stock price started to fall off the cliff drastically.

In another such instance, a single tweet from the famous reality TV personality Kylie Jenner caused the Snap Chat company to lose a whopping $1.3 billion in market value after the share value of its parent company dropped by 6.1 percent! The way how the trading market responded swiftly to these tweets prove that these are not the outcome of the typical human actions but those of the computer-empowered trading bots that are so quick enough in garnering the market-affecting news from the popular tweets.

How the Twitter Reading Robots Works?

Although the trading bots analyzing the Twitter tweets are in the rounds since 2009, what makes such robots more interesting and more prominent these days is the fact that they are growing in capability to accurately intercept the tweets before deciding to cause the desirous trading actions.For example, this trading bot devised by the head of software of Google X’s Robotic division can accurately decipher the tweets made by the President Donald Trump to decide the due course of actions that can cause the significant market movements. That is, depending on whether the president praises or denigrates a specific company, the trading bot chooses to buy or short the specific company’s stocks so that the desired success and profits are perfectly achieved.

This naturally proves that owning a powerful trading robot, like SnapCash Binary software, can enhance your profitable trading ways as your trading position is much-ahead and well-secured than those of the conventional or non-algorithmic traders. The only glitch that seems to faintly cloud the success of the trading bots is their inability to check the authenticity of the tweets that can cause a ruckus market situation like the one caused due to the White House bombing hoax!

But, with the growing innovation in the field of ‘Natural language processing’, such problems are soon to disappear making the robot way of trading more powerful and highly-profitable, beyond any doubt!

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