Every once in a while we’re asked about a binary options broker called AllDayOptions. Their website is alldayoptions.com. One person wrote us: “I invested $2750 and currently my account is nearly $8 000. I tried to make a withdrawal, but they cancelled everything and traded on my behalf. I tried to contact them for more than 2 months now – by e-mail as well as telephone – with no success.”

Seems like AllDayOption might be a scam. If you have an account with AllDayOption or you were thinking about getting one, you better read this review first.

According to AllDayOption.com, the website is currently “operated by Indy Group Ltd., R.A. Ivan Vazov, 36 Burel Str., Sofia District (Metropolis), Metropolitan Municipality, Triaditsa Region, Sofia, 1408, Bulgaria.”

The support email is support@alldayoption.com and they also have a call center in the following locations: London (+442038070058), Russia (+74996092660), Zurich (+41435500255), Toronto (+16478463366), Syndey (+61288800126) and Wellington (+6478084080).

In February of 2017, they suffered a tremendous loss of popularity and have been on the decline ever since. Currently, they mostly target traders in the UK, Argentina, Mexico, Russia and Peru.

The domain itself was created in 2009. It was functioning as a binary option trading site as early as January 2012, making AllDayOption one of the earliest binary options brokers to have existed.

AllDayOption.com WHOIS at ICANN

It seems strange, and is clearly wrong, that according to AllDayOption.com, the site is owned by Indy Group Ltd., but according to the WHOIS, it is registered under Dzianis Bahbanau from Gold Horizon Ltd.

However, the most concerning issue about AllDayOption is the fact that they are not a regulated broker. If you don’t already have an account with them and were considering to open one, we would advise against that. There are so many great regulated binary options brokers nowadays that it’s pointless to risk yourself by going with a non-regulated broker.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information about this broker and we didn’t get a lot of feedback from traders. Here’s what we were able to find.

On Forex Peace Army, one person wrote regarding AllDayOption.com in March 2017: “I strongly believe I have lost my investment of £27.5k. Initially ‘looked after’ by a ‘Liam Hammond’ and then ‘Logan Wilson’. A £5k transfer was ‘lost’ at HSBC the director of finance Dee Miller said he’d authorised a return to my account then stopped answering my calls and emails. I have not had a response for 30 days now. There is no answer on their phone line. I tried to withdraw some money from my account but received an email telling me my request had been cancelled. I note the orginal Company name ‘Goldview Ltd’ on their website no operated by ‘Indy Group Ltd.”

Back in 2015, one person from Latvia commented on BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com, asking: “cienitais suns es gribu zinat vai everyoption un alldayoption ir scam .un vai no viniem ir kaut kada veida iespejams dabut atpakal savu naudu kas ir tur mana konta 4117eiro.uz maniem zvaniem vini neatbild.un uz e pastiem ari neatbild.”

In case you don’t read Latvian, this guy was not able to withdraw his 4117 euros. He says the support was not responsive.

Back in 2016, there was a binary options broker called Interactive Option which scammed a lot of people and then closed down. According to at least two reports we received, AllDayOption contacted people who were scammed by InteractiveOption and telling them that “their company is taking legal action against Interactive Option as they have some kind of contact with people who used to work there. He said that as part of the case they received everyone’s contact info from Interactive Option. He has stated (verbal only) that by creating an account and depositing $250 they will add me to the legal action to get my money from Interactive Option.”

The second report is similar. The person was contacted by someone who claimed he was with InteractiveOption “and he claimed he was travelling for them to open new offices and when he returned to his office discovered the they were closed. He claims that he is contacting me because they started a class action lawsuit using the CySEC lawyer against Interactive and asked if I can send proof of my investment with them to help at the lawsuit, but he also asked me to open an account with their new company, AlldayOption, with a minimum of $5000 so that my Interactive  funds gets transferred to this account, stating that that was the condition of joining their lawsuit. I.e. Extortion with do documentation for anything he is saying. No thanks. I wanted your advise how to joint a lawsuit against Interactive to get my $25,268 back.”

Needless to say, no lawsuit was ever launched by AllDayOption.

We could go on and on and list all the complaints we received about AllDayOption over the years. Back in 2015, they inherited or purchased the clients which were scammed by a broker called EveryOption. This is only a small section from a comment we received: “they closed the EveryOption website and merged with AlldayOption.com. They promised that every client’s account from EveryOption would be transferred to the new trading platform. Needless to say- I’ve been blocked and can’t Login to my account which is supposed to be on AlldayOption after the merger. EveryOption.com as well as AlldayOption.com is a huge scam. RAISE THE REDFLAGS EVERYONE. PROCLAIM IT FROM THE ROOFS!”

AllDayOption Review Conclusion

If you already have an account with AllDayOption, don’t send them anymore money and good luck with getting that money back. If you need help with that or if you have been scammed by AllDayOption, please comment below.

If you don’t already have an account with them, congratulations! Don’t even think about opening one!

AllDayOption, even if not a scam, is clearly not a trustworthy broker. Only ever sign up with regulated brokers!

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