Land surveying is considered world’s second-oldest profession. It is known as Geomatics in Canada and Europe. This profession started in Egypt and Babylonia. Basic meaning of surveying is nothing but the science of measuring and mapping relative positions above, on or under the surface of the earth, or establishing such positions from legal or technical documents.  Surveying is very important because without that railroad cannot be constructed, skyscrapers cannot be erected and homeowners cannot put fence around their yards. Would you approve if a highway was built in your backyard without your approval. Without the help of surveyor, would you know where does your backyard start and where does it end. If you see a guy on the road looking through an instrument on a tripod he is a surveyor.

In U.S different terminologies are used for land surveyor. Some of them are RLS (Registered Land surveyor), LS (Land Surveyor), or a PLS (Professional Land Surveyor). When a land surveyor is licensed, the State Board of Registration “registers” that license of the Land Surveyor.

The work of a surveyor is very important in the design and construction process. The various tasks performed by surveyor are tell people where their property starts and ends, measure and map the land for engineering design, work on title surveys for real estate transactions, lay out buildings etc. Examples of survey are: geodetic surveys, topographic surveys, soil and wetland, engineering and land surveys.

Work of land surveyor is to mark, describe and map property ownership. If we don’t know the boundaries of our land we can’t enjoy the use of it. Without the help of a land surveyor we cannot buy, sell, mortgage or develop land in a proper way. To gather information on land they generally make use of computers, measuring tools and mapping systems. With the help of the data they can find the probable location. They come to a conclusion with the help of rules of evidence, state and federal laws, knowledge about common law and local standards of practice. In various situations it is considered art than science. Another important task of a surveyor is to understand and decrypt the legal description. A professional Land Surveyor is one who has education and experience and who has passed an examination for registration required by the laws of state in which he or she is practicing.

A land surveyor works for energy and utility companies, realtors, photogrammetrists, construction firms, private land owners, government agencies, homeowners, Department of transportation, GIS departments, Land developers, Bureau of Land Management and many others.

Different types of land surveys are Boundary, Cadastral, Construction, Control, Elevation, Lot, Mining, GIS and LIS, Mortgage inspections, Quantity surveys, Route survey, Topographic, Subdivision etc.

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