Recently, every day there is lots of new information about Google mobile phones. is one of the company that keeps a keen eye on its movement. There is a piece of latest news again.

1. Google phone price exposure

Google Nexus One will be officially released on January 5th in 2010; this message has been confirmed by many sides, at the same time, the price of Nexus One has also been exposed on the Google Nexus One page. According to the exposed price, if the user choose T-Mobile package, he can buy the Gphone with the signing price of $179.99, however, the non-signing unlocked Nexus One will be sold at $530.

Google Nexus One is so anticipating mainly because the mobile phone is considered as the most sterling Android system by Google; besides, it carries the latest version of the Android 2.1 operating system, and the user interface specially developed for the phone will also make the Nexus One appear with a brand-new image.

2. Release time

Another piece of news, using one Google account can purchase only 5 Nexus One cell phones at most. In addition, Nexus One may sell to overseas markets. And this kind of mobile phones will be for sale on

In addition to this, if users buy a Nexus One with subsidies, and they use the phone less than 120 days; then users need to pay $350 price difference or turn the mobile phone back to Google. It can not get the answer of the question that whether the Nexus One will be sold by entity shop until next January 5.

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