SFI is a very large and popular affiliate program and it does have many promising features.

-The best one being that its free!

-Everyone that signs up after you gets put under you.

-They have multiple affiliate products to sell.

However, here are the bad features:

–          You only make money off the people under you if you’re and EA (executive affiliate) Which means you have to pay $30/Month

–          99.9% of the people that joined had no idea how to make money through affiliate marketing.

–          Most of their affiliate products stink.

When I first signed up I placed a simple ad for their eyeearn product which supposedly pays you to put a sticker on your car. Its $20 to order the sticker set. What they don’t tell you is that they only pay you about a buck for the ad placement and you have to re-submit a photo of your car every month. So the fall out rate is 100%. People either forget to renew, or see their paycheck and laugh. Granted if you have eye earners under you then you get paid more.

Over-all the program frustrated me and after 3 months I stopped promoting it. I still receive $4 a month from them somehow. Not sure where its coming from  haha

This was one of the last affiliate programs I tried. I was pretty sick of them. So what DO I recommend? I do not recommend affiliate marketing.. 99% of people that try affiliate marketing fail because there is just way too much competition or they do not know how to market. Also, if you have to PAY to be an affiliate then do not join!

I recommend CURRENC TRADING!  Its real, legitimate, solid, and it produces! I made 100K last year and my goal this year is to reach 1 million. To see how I’m doing it visit my website www.mrsforex.com

Source by Dana Forsythe