Are there really ways to make money on the internet without selling or marketing? If you have been on the internet for long you have probably noticed that there a lot of people selling ways to make money from home. If you get involved with them you will find that almost all of them require that you make money by selling something to people. And with most of them it’s the opportunity that you will be selling.

Many of these opportunities are network marketing. With network marketing there are usually products to sell but the main idea is to sell the opportunity to people who will then sell the same opportunity to others and you make a commission off of all of them.

Often these programs will advertise “no selling” even though selling is exactly what you would be doing. These kind of programs are fine if only they would be honest about what they really are. These programs can be excellent opportunities for people who want to learn sales and marketing and leadership skills but most people don’t want to do that. And even if they do most people won’t do what it takes to succeed.

Now with the internet the trend is with internet marketing or make money online. Almost all of it is internet marketing or trying to sell people something over the internet. Even the “type from home” or the “paid surveys” and most of these programs we see advertised require you to sell something in order for you to make money. Sure you may be able to get paid to type from home but what they don’t tell you in the beginning is you will be typing and posting advertisements in the hope that someone will buy something from you.

In order to succeed in any of these programs you have to become good at sales and marketing in order to stand out from the massive competition. These are excellent skills to have but again most people don’t want to do that, they just want to make money.

So are there other ways to make money from home without selling or marketing? There are but you don’t really see them advertised because unlike the opportunities that require that you sell the opportunity, the people who are doing these things have no reason to sell the opportunity.

I think the easiest one is the forex or foreign exchange. With the forex you make money from the constant fluctuations in the values of world currencies. Before you start to think this sounds complicated, it’s actually anything but complicated. It’s many times easier than it is learning sales and marketing.

To start trading the forex you sign up with an online forex broker and you are in business. Currency prices are constantly moving. When you see a currency is rising in value you click your buy button with your mouse and after it goes up in value you click the sell button and take your profit. Ok so you do have to sell the currencies but instead of advertising marketing and convincing people to buy it you just click the sell button and it’s sold in an instant.

It’s actually a little more complicated than that. The more difficult part is knowing when to buy and when to sell. But the markets usually move in patterns and usually give signals to tell you which way it’s going to move. Once you learn these patterns you can get an edge on the market and make a very nice living.

At least that’s the old way to trade. Now there are automated computer programs called robots that will do all of this for you. With some of the better ones you don’t even have to know how the forex works because it will do it all for you.

Some are better than others so make sure you get one with a prover track record trading live. Also make sure you can trade it on a demo account to make sure it makes a profit before you use an account with real money. Most forex brokers will give you an unlimited number free demo account with fake money to practice with.

I have posted the link to the robot I use below so you can watch it trade live. It’s doesn’t cost much and it’s bringing in some amazing profits.

Watch a forex robot trade a live account.

Source by M Wilson